Other Pathways to EU Citizenship

Find out how you can get an EU passport.

Advantages of EU citizenship include the right to live, study, work or retire in any of the EU member states without visas or permits. If you hold citizenship of an EU country, for example Poland, Germany or Czechia, you are also automatically a citizen of the European Union, with your rights, obligations and protections extending to all the 27 EU member states.

In addition to many benefits, dual citizenship allows you to fully immerse yourself into your dual identity in a way that goes beyond a holiday. You can learn about the history of your ancestral home, discover its culture and traditions, and experience a new way of living.

To millions of people with European roots EU citizenship through descent is just out of reach due to various legal constraints. If you have European heritage but have been told you do not qualify for citizenship by descent, there are other avenues to citizenship you can pursue. 

Please read on for more information. Our team is ready to discuss your eligibility and potential avenues to these EU citizenship programs, ensuring your privacy is assured.

What Are the Alternative Pathways to Citizenship?

If you have European heritage but do not qualify for EU citizenship through descent, you may be able to apply through other pathways including restitution, declaration, naturalization, determination, recognition or marriage. At Polaron, we can assist you with alternative citizenship pathways if your ancestors come from PolandGermanyCzechia, Slovakia, LithuaniaItaly, Slovenia, AustrianCroatia, Latvia and many others.

Some countries, such as Slovakia and Poland, also offer special residency programs based on ethnicity that can lead to recognition as a citizen after additional requirements such as language are met. Others, such as Italy, offer citizenship through a residency pathway.

The process of applying for EU citizenship can be complex, lengthy and confusing so having a professional company guide you through it can make all the difference. With coaching, language and support programs, working with Polaron gives you the best chance of success through these additional pathways.

Our specialist staff based in Australia, US, UK, Germany, Poland & Czechia can assist you with applying for EU citizenship no matter how far back you go or where in the world you are based.  Polaron’s specialist project coordinators, international researchers, multilingual staff and translators are committed to handling your EU citizenship case with ease and efficiency, keeping you updated on all the developments as we go along.  

Restitution or restoration of citizenship is a legal process available to people who have lost or renounced their citizenship or never held it due to historical laws.

Which EU Countries Offer Citizenship Through Restitution?

Many EU countries offer some type of restoration of citizenship, including Germany, Austria, LithuaniaLatvia and Poland and in many cases, direct descendants can also reclaim their citizenship whether their ancestor is alive or not.

Citizenship through declaration is a legal process available to people who should have been eligible for citizenship but aren’t due to superseded or discriminatory laws. It involves a declaration of belonging to the particular nation.

Which Countries Offer Citizenship Through Declaration?

Amongst EU countries, Germany and Czechia offer citizenship through declaration. In many cases, direct descendants can also reclaim their citizenship whether their ancestor is alive or not.

Citizenship through ethnicity pathways are available in Slovakia and Poland. Slovak Living Abroad (SLA) and Karta Polaka (Pole’s Card) are pathways for descendants of Slovak and Polish citizens who do not qualify for citizenship through descent due to legislation that triggered loss of citizenship for their ancestors. Once issued, applicants need to travel to their ancestral country and remain there until citizenship is granted. There may be other requirements, such as clean criminal record and ability to speak the language. 

Which EU Countries Offer Citizenship Through Ethnicity or Nationality?

Slovakia and Poland offer programs for people to reclaim their citizenship through ethnicity.

Citizenship through marriage is one of the easiest routes to becoming a passport holder of one of the European Union member states but the process isn’t automatic. In other words, you cannot marry someone and become an EU citizen by virtue of that marriage. Most EU countries recognize same sex marriages and civil unions.

Which EU Countries Offer Citizenship Through Marriage

Citizenship and immigration law vary from country to country, as do the procedures and waiting times. To qualify, one of the spouses must be a legal citizen of an EU member country and the non-EU spouse must obtain residency rights there. The non-EU spouse will be eligible to apply for citizenship after residing in the EU country for a specific period, ranging from one year in Spain to seven years in Latvia. 

Citizenship through marriage may have additional strict requirements such as residence and language proficiency test and we can assist you with this pathway for Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Czechia, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania.

The routes to naturalization are not the fastest or easiest ways to get citizenship but are still worth considering if your EU citizenship is firmly on your agenda. Specific legal requirements vary from country to country but common criteria include a minimum period of legal residency, language proficiency, financial stability and a clean criminal record. You may also need to pass a citizenship test or demonstrate knowledge of the country’s culture and history.

Which EU Countries Offer Citizenship Through Naturalization or Grant?          

All EU countries offer citizenship through naturalization and our team can assist you with naturalization in Poland and Germany.

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