Other Pathways to Latvian Citizenship

Through Restitution

Did you know that if you have Latvian ancestry, you might be eligible for Latvian citizenship and an EU passport? This means you can live, work and study in any of the 27 EU member countries with no restrictions.

Citizenship laws were first introduced in Latvia in 1919, following the reinstatement of the country after WW1. Latvia lost its independence again in 1940 as it was invaded by the USSR, Nazi Germany and USSR until the 1990s. Following the collapse of the USSR Latvia’s independence was restored in 1940 with all legal consequences, including citizenship.

You can apply for restoration of your Latvian citizenship through restitution or exile provisions if one of your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents was a Latvian citizen prior to 1940 or after 1990. You need to prove your connection to a direct Latvian ancestor and provide proof that they immigrated or were exiled within the above time frames. Latvia allows dual citizenship since 2013.

People of Latvian descent who have never held Latvian citizenship may get Latvian citizenship under a simplified procedure. There is another pathway to Latvian citizenship for people whose ancestors left after 1881 but you do need to be able to speak Latvian.

What's Next?

We offer a free Discovery Call with one of our EU Citizenship Specialists to check your eligibility. If you qualify, we can provide you with a no-obligation proposal with a guaranteed outcome. We handle all client correspondence with utmost sensitivity, assuring privacy and efficient processing. Our specialist team can take you through the necessary paperwork, including essential documentation, timelines and pricing. We’re proud of our track record of 100% success to date with our Latvian citizenship restitution cases.

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