What We Do

Polaron improves lives by providing multilingual
communication and citizenship support.

Our passion for connecting people through language and citizenship was born from a simple idea – to bridge the gap between culture, communication and community.

Polaron’s founder, Eva Hussain, came to Australia in the 1980s as a young refugee from Poland. Eva began her journey by offering Polish translation and interpreting services from her own laundry room. Those humble beginnings were the building blocks of what the company is today. We now provide translation and interpreting services in over 170 languages and have helped more than 15,000 people achieve their dream of reclaiming European citizenship.

Eva Hussain Award

We help governments, businesses and non-profits to create meaningful connections with audiences around the world. We are proud to be a diverse team with lived experience and genuine passion for our clients’ success. So you can depend on us for effective and culturally relevant language solutions.

Through our European citizenship services, we offer people a chance to reconnect with their heritage and gain opportunities to work, study or travel visa-free in all 27 European Union countries. We can make your dreams a reality with a trusted global network of researchers, project managers and translators.

At Polaron, we are tenacious, genuinely curious and honest. We believe everyone should have access to the same information, regardless of language or cultural differences. When you work with us, you’ll receive quality outcomes, impactful solutions and a team that strives for excellence.

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