Other Pathways to Lithuanian Citizenship

Through Restitution

Did you know that if you have Lithuanian ancestry, you might be eligible for Lithuanian citizenship and an EU passport? This means you can live, work and study in any of the 27 EU member countries with no restrictions.

Lithuanian nationality law is based on the principle of descent If  you have a parent, grandparent or great-grandparent who held Lithuanian citizenship in the past, you may reclaim Lithuanian citizenship. A right of return clause was included in the 1991 Lithuanian constitution for people who left Lithuania after the Soviet occupation in 1940 and their descendants.

People who held Lithuanian citizenship between 2 November 1918 and 15 June 1940 but before 11 March 1990 can apply to have their citizenship restored through the process of certification. The certificate of right to restitution of Lithuanian citizenship has no expiration date and confirms essential facts in your citizenship case. This also applies to descendants of Lithuanian citizens and safeguards against potential legislative changes to Lithuanian citizenship in the future.

To be eligible, you do not need to speak Lithuanian or move to Lithuania to restore your citizenship. The entire process typically takes 12 to 14 months. Lithuanian citizens are also citizens of the European Union and thus enjoy rights of free movement and other benefits.

To apply, you need to provide your ancestors’ records such as birth and marriage certificates, old passports and naturalization documents and your own personal documents linking you to your ancestors. The right to Lithuanian citizenship through this pathway extends to every descendant in direct line with no limit on generations.

Polaron specializes in archival research to help you back up your claim for citizenship. Our professional researchers and archivists are meticulous in their work, finding documents needed for your application.

What's Next?

Whilst appearing relatively straight forward, the rules on eligibility for Lithuanian citizenship can be complicated so please contact one of our EU citizenship specialists today to discuss whether you qualify. Your query will be handled confidentially and we can take you through all the requirements, including essential documentation, timelines and pricing.

 If you’re eligible, we can guarantee the outcome of your application for Lithuania citizenship with Polaron. We’re proud of our track record of 100% success rate when it comes to Lithuanian citizenship cases and are on standby to assess your Lithuanian citizenship, including through heritage.

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