A wealth of experience in project management

At Polaron, we employ a multi-disciplined team of translators, project managers and communication consultants who work together to deliver exactly what our clients require.

The end results speak for themselves, demonstrating the trusted partnerships we build with our clients and the skill and imagination of our talented staff.

Over the years, we have handled a real variety of translation projects. Below is a short list of recent projects that shows the diversity we face in our daily work:

  1. Interpreting in French for a yoghurt manufacturer – 3 interpreters, 4 weeks, 6 engineer
  2. Translation of Korean user manual – 22,000 words, 3 interpreters and translators, 2 project managers
  3. Interpreting in Polish for a German project management firm – 1 interpreter, two site managers, 20 workers
  4. Translation of two apps into Russian, Polish, Italian, German and French – 5 translators, 5 checkers, one project manager