Accessible Resources

Want to get your message across to more people? 

Everyone benefits when they can access information easily, including busy people who want information quickly. Building accessibility into your daily practice is crucial. This ensures you’re meeting the needs of the widest possible range of users. 

Inclusive information helps remove barriers between your message and your audience. Studies show that presenting information in an inclusive way can save time and money. It can also improve the effectiveness of your organisation’s communications. 

Furthermore, these resources help people to access vital information and services. It can support people with cognitive disabilities, learning difficulties, vision impairment, low literacy understanding and people for whom English is a second language. Accessible resources help create a more welcoming environment for all.  

At Polaron, we aim to make your digital content more accessible, clear and effective. We focus on the usefulness of your resources and incorporate user testing. This ensures your content meets your audience’s needs so that they can fully engage with it. We also focus on layout and presentation, adding images where appropriate to guide the user through the information.   

We use a variety of approaches including Plain English and Easy English rewrites, audio recordingsvideos, tagging and other methods to create accessible resources for all.  

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