MultimediaNow is Polaron’s multimedia translation service which includes voice recording and subtitling for your multimedia project. Multimedia means presenting information in more than one form. It includes the use of text, audio, music, graphics, animation and full-motion video.

Polaron’s multimedia translation services are delivered by NAATI accredited professionals in over 80 languages, to support you in all phases of development, implementation and dissemination of your multimedia project. We deliver a suite of interactive solutions that are certain to achieve results, specifically tailored to your target audience.

Voice-over, Prompts and Podcasts

Make listening easier and more accessible to your audience with rich voice recordings produced in another language. Choose from a range of multilingual voice talents differing in gender, age and accents to deliver more engaging content.


Subtitles makes your content more accessible to people with a disability or low literacy levels. By subtitling your audiovisual content you can maximise the impact and accessibility of your information to more people in any language.

The interactive solutions we deliver are made with your audience in mind, to cater to their communication style, literacy levels and cultural sensitivities. When approaching a multimedia project in a language other than English, you need the specific expertise of language professionals. Technical expertise alone is not enough because it doesn’t take into account the cultural and linguistic dimensions.


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