Need a certified interpreter at your next meeting or conference?

Whether you represent a global law firm, government department or an international manufacturer, selecting the right language services company for your interpreting needs is vital to your credibility.  

The presence of skilled, flexible language professionals will make all the difference to the communication on the day. Polaron’s professional interpreters in over 170 languages remove linguistic barriers, help manage risk and minimise the costs of potential miscommunication.  

We specialise in last minute, urgent and rare language requests and never hesitate to use our established networks and community contacts to source the best interpreters available. We also offer video and telephone interpreting. From courtroom to operating theatre and everything in between, we will make sure you get the best interpreting services for your needs. 

By choosing Polaron’s NAATI-certified interpreters you’ll have the guarantee of experience, professionalism, high level of skill and reliability. Knowing that your professional interpreter will arrive prepared, on time and with superior linguistic skills and technical expertise is what our clients appreciate the most. 

Do you have an upcoming interpreting session?

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