Ariana Romero

Junior Account Executive

Ariana, with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, has joined the team with a clear focus on operational excellence and process optimization. Her time at Polaron, where she demonstrated exceptional communication and teamwork skills, has prepared her to tackle new challenges with confidence.

In her role as a Junior Accounts Executive, Ariana provides essential support in project management and document handling. Her ability to address urgent tasks and meet project deadlines, while consistently exceeding client expectations, distinguishes her as a results-oriented professional focused on customer satisfaction.

Most recently she managed a website redevelopment, as well as supporting the marketing team. Prior to working at Polaron, Stephanie interned at not-for-profit organisations, including Sacred Heart Mission and the Centre for Adolescent Health.

Fun fact: Outside of work, Ariana plays table tennis and pickleball. She also enjoys volunteering at hospitals in Peru.

Ariana Romero
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