Sentimental Research: Discovering Your Heritage

By Tatum Spicer

Are you interested in learning more about your family history? We offer sentimental research to those who are purely interested in learning more about their heritage, but are not necessarily wanting to apply for or are eligible for European citizenship. This is in addition to the ancestral research services which we offer to enquirers who are eligible for European citizenship but who lack sufficient evidence.

What research will you receive?

We base this research in Poland and other European countries and look to find ancestral documents such as: Residential Records, Army Records, Voters List, ID Documents, School and Work Records, Business and Land Ownership Records, Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, etc. We are able to conduct this research on as many ancestors as you request and look for as many ancestral documents as you wish.

What happens next?

Once the research is complete, you are sent a summary of the work conducted, the archival institutions contacted and the documents found. Any documents found by Polaron’s researchers are then sent to you in hard original copy to keep.

It is at this stage you can also proceed with our Confirmation of Citizenship or Grant of Citizenship services (depending on your eligibility status). If eligible, you will be able to use the documents from the sentimental research phase as part of your applications. However there is no obligation to apply for citizenship.

Why pursue sentimental research with Polaron?

On its own, sentimental ancestral research is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about your family history. Discover documents riddled with touching and detailed information to piece together your ancestors’ stories and lives and learn more about your personal history.

We have a dedicated team of staff who are excited to research, support and help you learn more about your heritage. For more information or a reference, please contact us at citizenship@polaron.com.au. I would be more than happy to explain this service to you in more detail and answer any questions you may have.

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