How Long Does It Take To Get Czech Citizenship?

By Angelo Cerasiotis

Reclaiming Czech citizenship is a significant milestone for people with Czech heritage.

Not only will you be able to reconnect with your ancestors, but you get unlimited access to live and study in any of the 27 EU member states. Czechia has been a member of the EU since 2004, which means you get all the additional benefits of being an EU citizen with a Czech passport.

Czech citizenship can be acquired by birth or by declaration. The pathway to Czech citizenship can be complex and time-consuming as you need to gather all the required documents and submit the application before  the government even decides on the decision (which can take up to 6 month’s itself); but with the right knowledge and team behind you, you will be able to streamline this process!

How long will it take to have my Czech citizenship confirmed?

To reclaim your Czech citizenship through Polaron it can take anywhere between 9-15 months. It will also take a further 2-3 months to receive your Czech passport through the consulate.

This process includes:

  • Gathering evidence to prove your eligibility for Czech citizenship (0-24 months).
  • Obtaining The Confirmation of Czech Citizenship certificate (6-12 months).
  • Registering vital records and name changes (1-2 months).
  • Lodging the passport application (2-3 months).

Can you speed up the Czech citizenship process?

There are several ways to fast track your Czech citizenship application, but the ease of doing so depends on how straightforward your case is and how much information you already have. Here are a few methods to help you speed up the process:
  1. Know the key dates and locations of when and where your ancestors were born, married and died. With this vital information, it will be much easier to locate your lost documents. If you proceed with Polaron, we do all the archival research for you through our team based in the Czech Republic. If you already know where to find the required basic information such as names, places and dates, you can speed up the process of gathering evidence and in turn, speed up your Czech citizenship application.
  1. Save time on translations by outsourcing this process to a professional. The Czech government has strict requirements for the translation of your documents. The documents need to be translated by an official Czech translator and submitted alongside the correct forms otherwise the whole citizenship application could be rejected. Not only can Polaron secure the translations for you, but we will also fill out the correct forms to ensure that your application is submitted appropriately.
  2. Seek assistance from the EU citizenship experts. One of the most effective ways to fast-track your Czech citizenship application it to seek advice from the professionals. At Polaron, our team of experts and advisors can help you with all the paperwork and ensure that your application is processed quickly, efficiently, and to the standards required. We can also advise you on the best course of action for your specific case and we take out the guesswork to obtaining Czech citizenship.

With over 20-years of experience and having handled over 15,000 individual EU citizenship cases from over 15 countries, you can rely on Polaron for all your Czech citizenship needs! We are proud to have a 99.7% success rate for confirmation of Czech citizenship cases and we never shy away from complex citizenship cases. In fact, we are known for taking on cases that other companies won’t.

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