12 Benefits of EU Citizenship

EU passports are among the most coveted passports in the world. What do we mean by that? It’s simple. EU citizens can enter 153 countries without a visa, making an EU passport one of the most desirable travel documents around.

Join thousands of people from US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, South Africa and many other countries apply for EU citizenship through descent every year!

As far as advantages of EU citizenship, there are many, including international mobility, unlimited working rights in the EU and, in most cases, transfer of your EU citizenship onto your children and grandchildren. Here are just a few of the unique benefits and advantages of EU dual citizenship, no matter where you might be from.

Benefit 1 – No Need for Visas

If you have already travelled to Europe, you would know that most US, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand citizens can enter the EU without a visa. However, the cannot live, work or study in the EU for more than 90 days out of every 6 months. If you qualify for EU citizenship, you can travel between the 27-member states freely, with no visas and remain there with no restrictions.

Benefit 2 – Full Working & Residential Rights

Citizens of the European Union (EU), nationals of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, are legally entitled to stay, work and look for work in any of the EU member countries.  Trying to get an employee-sponsored visa if you are not an EU citizen can be very expensive and difficult. European employers look for mobile, culturally aware, bilingual professionals with experience in international settings. They prefer to work with dual citizens as they do not need complicated permits or visas.

Benefit 3 – Subsidized Tertiary Education & Scholarships

There are many reasons to study in the EU: reputable universities, opportunities for international networking and career development, famously diverse cities, high quality of life, and, of course, 27 different countries with free or very affordable tuition fees. Across the EU-27, the most popular subsidized degrees include social sciences, journalism, IT, business, administration and law.

In 2022, over 40 % of people aged 25-34 in Europe had a higher education qualification. Erasmus+, a world-famous exchange program, gives students and academics the opportunity to develop their skills and boost their employment prospects. Over 14 million people have taken advantage of it since the program started.

Benefit 4 – Set Up and Grow Your Start-Up or SME

As an EU citizen, you can register a company and launch a branch of an existing EU-based business in any EU country, Iceland, Norway or Liechtenstein quickly and easily. In most EU countries, you can set up a new company for less than EUR 100 in less than 3 working days, completing all procedures on line through a single administrative body. There are many different EU funds and initiatives available to support start-ups and SMEs, such as the Start-up Europe Club, European Investment Advisory Hub or the Start-up Europe Partnership platform.

If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your business or seek funding, you can register your project on the European Investment Project Portal. The aim of these initiatives is to remove obstacles to investment, provide technical assistance and to make better use of financial resources. Business owners with dual citizenship benefit from the single economic EU zone without facing the restrictions applied by non-EU citizens.

Benefit 5 – Right to Consular Protection by EU Member States

EU citizens in a non-EU country where their own national state has no representation is entitled to protection by the diplomatic or consular authorities of any other EU country. This right is enshrined in article 46 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. All 27-member states are represented diplomatically in only three countries, namely United States, China and Russia.

In the rest of the world, many EU citizens are unrepresented by their national embassy or consulate. During emergencies EU member states must help EU citizens evacuate as if they were their own nationals. Protection also cover everyday situations, like a passport being stolen, a serious accident or illness.

Benefit 6 – Access to National Health Care Benefits

Under the current EU laws, EU citizens benefit from reciprocal healthcare when they are in any of the European Union’s 27-member states. These rights apply whether they are travelling temporarily between EU member states, for example, on holiday or studying abroad, residing permanently in another EU country, or when travelling to another EU member state to receive medical treatment.

Benefit 7 – Right to Vote and Hold Public Service Positions

All citizens of the EU have the right to vote and to stand as a candidate at elections to the European Parliament in the EU country in which they reside, under the same conditions as nationals of that country. They are also entitled to vote and to stand as a candidate at municipal elections in the EU country in which they reside.

EU citizens are entitled to be recruited under the same conditions as nationals of the country in which they are seeking work and cannot be asked to meet any additional requirements. This means that citizens apply for any job vacancy advertised in any EU country, including public sector jobs. Some public service posts may be restricted to nationals of a particular country where the job

Benefit 8 – Connect to Your Heritage & Family History

For most people, this is still the most important benefit of EU citizenship through descent. Discovering information about your ancestors will bring you closer to your heritage and your European identity.

Benefit 9 – Privacy

EU has been recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which covers data collection, storage and usage and allows individuals to move their personal data from one service provider to another. EU regulations offer a layer of privacy regarding taxation that is not available in many parts of the world. Privacy laws in Poland are even stricter than elsewhere in Europe and many people value this level of personal protection above anything else.

Benefit 10 – Fast Tracking Through Customs

If you’ve ever had to stand in a long queue with non-EU citizens before getting out of the airport, you will appreciate having an EU passport even more.

Benefit 11 – Alternative Plan B

In today’s dynamic and somewhat unstable political and social environment, an EU passport allows unlimited travel, safe passage and consular assistance for you and your family in situations beyond your control. Priceless!

Benefit 12 – Property Ownership

Another benefit of EU dual citizenship is the ability to own property in any of the EU countries without a permit. Diversifying your portfolio in European real estate might be better than it has been in more than a decade. Although several European countries are still recovering from property crises, international investors are positive about the European real estate market — with the exception of the UK, which has been shaken by Brexit.

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