All You Need to Know to Apply for Polish Citizenship Confirmation

To help you navigate the bureaucratic maze that acquiring Polish citizenship is, our Business Unit Managers have put together answers to commonly asked questions about the process of application for Polish citizenship confirmation.

  • Who issues confirmations of Polish citizenship?

A confirmation of Polish citizenship is issued by the Voivodeship Office in Poland. It’s a one-page document that confirms that you acquired your Polish citizenship by birth. It also includes information on the legal provisions based on which this decision was made.

  • What does the application form for confirmation of Polish citizenship contain?

The application form has 12 pages that need to be completed in the Polish language. You will need to provide your personal details such as your name, residential address and date and place of birth, but also your mother and father’s information, and both your maternal and paternal grandparents. If your great grandparents were Polish, you also need to provide that information on the form. You must not leave anything blank.

  • Why am I required to provide information on both my maternal and paternal sides?

This information is required in the application form for Polish citizenship confirmation. It is also important to know those details as it serves to prove there was no reason or circumstances that may have caused the loss of Polish citizenship of any of your ancestors. For example, if your parents or grandparents were Russian or Czech, this may be an impediment to your confirmation of Polish citizenship.

  • I have my grandmother’s birth certificate, am I Polish?

Having your grandmother’s birth certificate is a good start as it contains relevant information, but it is not enough to prove that you are Polish. A birth certificate is an evidence that someone was born, but it does not confirm citizenship. For example, you may be born in the US, Canada or Australia, but you are still Polish by birth. By the same token, you may be born in Poland but unless one of your ancestors is Polish, you are not Polish yourself.

Our EU citizenship specialists can help you examine the documents in your possession to see whether you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship. Contact us.

  • Does the Polish government give the applicant a checklist containing a list of documents to submitted in their application?

No, they do not, because each case is different and they cannot predict what ancestral documents you may have. Basic vital records such as birth and marriage certificates are a given but everything else depends on how many generations you are going back to and what documents are able to be found. After you lodge your application, they might request additional documents depending on the case. We do our best to give our clients all the information about what they need to supply.

  • What types of documents would the Voivodeship Office typically need from the applicant?

Besides your personal documents and birth certificates, a Polish ID or a Polish passport are great documents that can help you prove your Polish citizenship. If you don’t have your ancestors’ Polish ID or a Polish passport, we can help you look for other relevant documents, such as Polish birth certificates, marriage certificates, army booklets, draft cards, registration cards, residential records, and many, many more. These documents are often found in Polish and international archives, and in civil registry offices. Watch this video for more information.

Do you have more questions about your Polish citizenship application? Get in touch with us.

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