Every organisation needs a way to gain knowledge about what their clients, users and consumers think.  Feedback is crucial for growth and improvement and an essential ingredient for long-term success. That’s why Polaron has created FeedbackNow so everyone’s opinion can be understood accurately.

What is FeedbackNow?

FeedbackNow is an easy-to-use, secure and cost-effective way to expand your reach and take the pulse of your audiences in 50+ languages. You simply set-up FeedbackNow on your business’ website and our translation team will do the rest. Your customers and clients can leave in-language feedback on your website and our NAATI-certified translators will translate the feedback for you.

Why Should Feedback be Translated?

Translation is an important but often forgotten step in the feedback gathering process. ​It gives organisations the ability to harvest the most accurate and authentic data from a diverse range of people. ​It also demonstrates respect for the needs and opinions of diverse groups.

How Does FeedbackNow Work?

You set up FeedbackNow on your website to get translated customer or client feedback from a certified-translator. It starts with having a page of your web site dedicated to receiving feedback.​ From there, a simple click takes you to our bespoke feedback solution: FeedbackNow!


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