Violetta Gudebska

EU Citizenship Specialist

Violetta holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a master’s degree in National Security from the University of Lodz. In addition, she completed a 2-year course in administration.

Prior to joining Polaron in June 2020, Violetta worked at a global recruitment agency helping people find professional jobs and legalize their stay in Poland.  As a result, Violetta has experience in dealing with Polish registry offices, Polish administration and local authorities.

Having lived in Ukraine for 7 years, she also learned Russian and Ukrainian fluently. Her language skills and attention to detail help her solve the most difficult cases.

Fun fact: As a child, Violetta dreamed of a career as a detective.  Years later, she finally combined her passion with work and became a genealogical researcher. She won’t give up until her goal is achieved. She is like Enola Holmes.

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