Marcus Mazzocchi

Technology Lead – Language Services

Marcus graduated with a Double Degree in Commerce and Biotechnology from Swinburne University. Prior to joining Polaron, he worked as a Project Manager for a specialist marketing company assisting Business Brokers & M&A Advisors. He also gained valuable experience as a translator in the life sciences, translating and proofreading a range of scientific manuscripts.

Marcus is responsible for ensuring the seamless execution of language services with a keen focus on production and technology. He assumes a multifaceted position, overseeing technical systems, processes and procedures that are the backbone of Polaron’s operations.

Marcus provides invaluable oversight in quality assurance, ensuring that every project meets Polaron’s stringent standards for accuracy and linguistic excellence. His expertise extends into project management, where he provides technical support to project coordinators that delivers timely and effective solutions to clients.

Marcus maintains a watchful eye on the company’s technical infrastructure, he ensures that Polaron’s language services remain at the forefront of the industry by integrating the most up-to-date translation management systems and innovative technologies.

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