Darya Vitkalava

EU Citizenship Specialist

Darya comes from the northernmost shores of the Barents Sea. Her journey began when she was just four months old as her family moved to Belarus, where she spent 16 formative years. At 16, driven by a desire for independence, she set out for Prague, a city she’d only seen in pictures and films but had always dreamed of. 

Darya graduated from the University of Life Science with a degree in Business Administration. She’s passionate about social causes and has volunteered in countries like Mexico, Ecuador, India, and the United States, focusing on social justice, environmental awareness, local development, and youth education. She is a dependable ally who strongly believes in our collective power to build a more peaceful and harmonious world.

Fun fact: Darya has a deep connection with plants, she loves foraging and making healthy elixirs. She believes that by respecting and cherishing nature, it can provide us with all we need.

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