Byunghun An

Project Coordinator

Byunghun has a Master’s Degree in Translation from Monash University. In addition to English, he is fluent in Korean and Japanese. Prior to joining Polaron, Byunghun worked on English-to-Korean game translation projects. 

Byunghun’s expertise is pivotal in steering the project management and coordination of language services production activities. In his role at Polaron, Byunghun plays a critical part in the logistics of translation and localisation projects, ensuring they are executed efficiently from inception to delivery. 

Byunghun’ s responsibilities include coordination with a diverse pool of language professionals to secure the best talent for each project’s unique requirements. His meticulous approach to project management and extensive linguistic knowledge, guarantees that Polaron not only meets but exceeds client expectations through the delivery of superior language services.

Fun fact: Outside of work, Byunghun likes to paint miniatures, or play badminton. 

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