Secure Your Polish Passport With Presidential Grant

To date, Polaron’s success rate for Polish citizenship through the presidential grant has been exceptional, with many satisfied clients who have obtained their Polish citizenship with Polaron. Wonder why and, most importantly, how? How about we start with “what” first?

Polish citizenship through presidential grant is available for anybody wishing to become a Polish citizen. Exceptionally talented sportspeople, scientists and other accomplished individuals can apply to the President of Poland to be naturalized if their contribution to Polish sport, economy or other areas of society is considered of benefit to the Polish nation.

But this option is also available for people of Polish heritage who do not qualify for Polish citizenship through descent. Polaron offers a coaching program for those that are keen to pursue it, for example, those whose ancestors left Poland before 1918 or have lost their citizenship due to technicalities in the Polish law. It is a challenging process that requires time, effort and input from the applicants.

The Polish government assesses each case on its merit. In other words, whilst having Polish ancestry is an important criterion, it is not the only one. The applicant’s education, work history, contribution to the Polish diaspora and life plans are also taken into consideration, as is ability to speak Polish, although this is not essential.

Let’s look at some of the reasons that our success rate is so high:

  • Our clients are deeply engaged in the process of exploring their Polish heritage and reconnecting with their Polish identity.
  • Through our unique coaching program, we provide our clients with access to Polish teachers who specialize in teaching Polish as a second language, professional researchers who are able source ancestral records dating back to 18th century, sworn translators, administration and document specialists and a team of other experts in charge of completing all the forms and putting the application together.
  • Our inhouse senior advisor (former Polish ambassador) reviews the application once finalized and conducts mock interviews, offering feedback, support and mentoring.
  • We connect our clients with Polish diaspora organizations and provide them with networking opportunities, volunteer placements, offering them guidance on what to include in the application to add value and amplify their chances of success.
  • We help our clients craft their motivational narrative, prepare for the consular interview and close any gaps in historical, geographical or cultural knowledge.

All in all, it is a team effort between our clients and the inhouse team. We apply the project management principles to our work and help you manage your case from start to finish.

The secret to our success, however, is the passion we approach our tasks with, as well as the love of the Polish language, history, traditions and culture that our clients share. Contact us today at citizenship@polaron.com.au to have your case reviewed and find out more.

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