Localisation: Your Message, Your Audience

Presenting your message so it speaks to your audience!


Localisation is an essential part of conducting international business. Beyond the translation of content, localisation involves adapting a message to suit a particular market. When a product or service is successfully localised, the intended audience perceives it as something created specifically for them, building trust in the process.

A well localised message should include:

  1. Accurate Translations: The message should be translated accurately and naturally into the target language. This includes using appropriate terms and phrases for the target culture, as well as ensuring the local spelling of words.
  2. Cultural Appropriateness: Communication should always be appropriate for the target communities, taking into account cultural differences and sensitivities. Also, consider factors such as national holidays and celebrations.
  3. Localized Images & Graphics: The material should use images and graphics that are appropriate for the target culture and that resonate with the local audience to ensure consistency in the messaging.
  4. Localized Formatting: The text should be formatted appropriately for the target locale, taking into account differences in date and time formats, currency, and other local conventions.
  5. Localized Tone & Style: The message should use a tone and style that is appropriate for the target culture and that will be well-received by the local audience.

Whether you are a competitive player in the global business, or simply want to ensure that your products and services are accessed by a diverse community, localisation is an essential component of building a sustainable relationship with your audience. It makes your product more attractive and can help you cut through the noiseIt demonstrates that you care enough to research your markets’ cultural setting and adapt the message to suit their preferences.

To ensure that your product is not only effective in reaching your international audience, but also doing so in a localised form, contact our team of specialists by emailing us at translations@polaron.com.au or by calling us at 1300 88 55 61.

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