Is Karta Polaka for you?

By Emily Hussain

Karta Polaka is a program by the Polish government available for people of Polish heritage to confirm their Polish nationality. Originally established in the 1970s and aimed at former Eastern Bloc citizens with Polish ancestry, it has recently been expanded for all countries of the world.

Whilst Karta Polaka doesn’t grant you Polish citizenship automatically, it is a fast-track method of becoming a Polish citizen after through the process of recognition. Holders of Karta Polaka can apply for a residential and work permit, issued within a few days of arrival in Poland.

As of 2019, Karta Polaka is now available to citizens of any country.



To be eligible for Karta Polaka, you cannot:

  • hold Polish citizenship at the time of applying
  • hold permanent residence permit in Poland and
  • be stateless

You must also:

  • demonstrate your relationship with your Polish heritage. For example, through basic knowledge of the Polish language and knowledge of the Polish traditions and customs.
  • submit a written declaration of “belonging to the Polish Nation” in the presence of a Polish consul.
  • have at least
    • one parent or grandparent of Polish nationality or
    • two great-grandparents were of Polish nationality, or
    • be able to confirm active involvement with a Polish organisation or diaspora for a period of at least three years (prior to application)
  • confirm in writing that you or your ascendants did not repatriate from the territory of the Republic of Poland or the Polish People’s Republic.



  • Long-term residence or multiple entry permit into Poland, visa free of consular fees.
  • Entitlement to settlement cash benefits
  • Ability to run a business in Poland
  • Free education, including university and doctoral studies
  • Free health care in emergencies in Poland
  • Fast-track to Recognition as a Polish citizen (after 12 months of residing in Poland). Please note that this is not the same process as Grant of Polish citizenship.


We will accompany you every step of the way.

Polaron’s role in the process is to support you in your journey, help prepare your application, and provide you with relevant information and guidance as you go through it.

Our team will also help you gain a strong knowledge of Poland, Polish traditions and customs, and gain basic Polish language skills.

Do you have more questions about applying for Polish citizenship through Karta Polaka? Get in touch with us.

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