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Connect With Your Polish Heritage And Gain Access To All 27 Countries Within The European Union

Have Polish ancestry but don’t have European citizenship? You can easily qualify through descent if your ancestors were Polish citizens. All you need to do is gather the correct documentation and apply through the right channels and you could qualify for dual citizenship.

At Polaron, we’ve helped over 7500 people with Polish heritage regain citizenship over the past 18 years – with a 99.7% success rate. They were able to reconnect with their family history, as well as visit all 27 countries in the European Union with full travel and working rights as an EU citizen.

Access World-Leading Work,
Study And Travel
Opportunities Exclusive To
European Citizens

Polish citizenship and an EU passport can give you so many benefits. You can live, work and travel to all 27 countries in the EU without applying for an expensive and time limited visa. Wherever you go within the EU you’ll be treated as though you’re a national resident too.

This means you can purchase real estate without a permit, access exciting career opportunities exclusive to the EU or start and run your own business. You can also get world-leading healthcare, be protected by consulates of all EU member states and even access subsidized tertiary education and scholarships.

You Can Still Claim
EU Citizenship Even If
You Have Incomplete
Documentation Right Now

Not sure you have all the right documentation to apply for your Polish citizenship? Many people left Poland in times of war which means they left with very little, often without much documentation at all. Don’t worry though. Our team of project managers and researchers are experts at tracking down this information.

They can search Polish, Russian, German and Ukrainian and Australian registries for information which confirms your heritage. These registries usually contain the historical documentation we need. If there’s a paper trail and evidence of your family leaving Poland to come to Australia, we’ll find it.

Find Out If You're Eligible

Discover If You Qualify For An EU Passport So You Can Live, Work And Travel Through Europe For Life!

Here's A Brief Outline Of What We'll Go Through In Your Free Dual Citizenship Discovery Call...

  • The Fastest Way To Get Approved For An European Passport

    You’ll see how you can eliminate most of the time-consuming hassles and take only the essential steps which save countless hours of back and forth

  • 3 Common Reasons EU Citizenship Applications Get Rejected

    The overwhelming majority of rejected applications get denied because of these 3 simple mistakes – find out what they are so you don’t get turned away!

  • Why So Many People Around The World Want An EU Passport

    An EU passport is highly sought after around the world because it gives you access to so many benefits – we’ll explain everything you’ll be entitled to

  • All The Special Subsidized Tertiary Education You Can Apply For

    One of the best parts of being an EU citizen is access to scholarships and free or heavily subsidized education for many degrees like law, journalism and business

  • How We Get 99.7% Of Our EU Citizenship Applications Approved

    You’ll see exactly how we’ve gotten practically EVERY application approved over the past 18 years and how we’ll get yours approved too – guaranteed!

Find Out If You're Eligible

Discover If You Qualify For An EU Passport So You Can Live, Work And Travel Through Europe For Life!

You Eliminate Stress And
Confusion Because We
Expertly Guide You
Throughout The
Entire Process

Applying for Polish citizenship by yourself can be stressful and overwhelming. You need the correct documentation and to follow the strict set of regulations and processes, navigate the Polish law in the Polish language, and have a resident of Poland to act on your behalf.

At Polaron we take care of all this for you. We have offices in 3 continents with expert linguists, translators, interpreters and researchers. We help locate and organize all the documentation you need, translate it into Polish for you and help you apply for your citizenship.

Don’t Let Your Dream Of A
European Adventure Go
Unfulfilled When You
Could Live It So Easily

Afraid it all sounds too hard? With our help, the application process is stress-free and the payoff is well worth it. You get lifetime access to all 27 countries in the EU and all the exciting work and study opportunities there.

If you’ve always wanted to go on a European adventure, don’t let this slip away. You could give your family the option of a ‘Plan B’ – living, working and studying abroad as an EU citizen. Simply claim your free, no-obligation discovery call now to find out if you’re eligible and what to do next.

Find Out If You're Eligible

Discover If You Qualify For An EU Passport So You Can Live, Work And Travel Through Europe For Life!

6 Simple Steps To Claim Your Polish Citizenship

Claim Your Discovery Call

Reserve your free, no-obligation discovery call to find out more about the process, determine if you’re eligible and what documents you need to apply.

Approve Our Proposal

Once we’ve determined your eligibility and what is needed for your particular case, we’ll provide a proposal for the project which you’ll need to approve.

Gather Your Documentation

Once you’ve approved our proposal, we’ll advise you on what to do next and begin our investigation and research to locate any necessary documentation.

Translation And Application

Once we have all the information we need we’ll organize it correctly, translate it into Polish and apply for your citizenship through the correct channels.

Confirm Polish Citizenship

In as little as 6-12 months your application should be completed and approved and you’ll receive confirmation of your citizenship in the mail.

Receive Your EU Passport

You’ll also receive your EU passport which allows you and your family to travel to all 27 EU countries whenever you like – without needing expensive Visas!

Find Out If You're Eligible

Discover If You Qualify For An EU Passport So You Can Live, Work And Travel Through Europe For Life!

Hear From A Handful Of Our 7500+ Happy Clients Who Are Now Polish Citizens

The Polaron ‘100% Citizenship Approval’ Guarantee*:


Here at Polaron, we have confirmed over 7,500 European citizenships for our clients, with a 99.7% success rate, so we have 100% confidence that our resources, connections and services will get you European citizenship and passport.

If we take on your case, we’re so confident that we can get you an approval on your European citizenship application, that if we don’t, we will give you a full refund if the application gets rejected, PLUS we will personally write you a cheque for $1,000 for wasting your time* AND refer you to a competitor to submit another application for you, no questions asked.

FREE 15 Minute Dual Citizenship Discovery
Call And Customised Action Plan
(Total Value $279)

Are you of Polish descent but don’t have a European passport? Give us just 15 minutes and you will discover if you are eligible to get European citizenship within as little as 6 months - Guaranteed!

In this free, no obligation call, here's some value you can expect:

  • You’ll discover in just 15 minutes if you are eligible for European citizenship and the exciting lifestyle and career opportunities that await you when you hold two passports
  • Think getting European citizenship is difficult and complicated, right? WRONG! We’ll reveal 5 simple steps to getting your European citizenship within as little as 6 months WITHOUT tons of paperwork
  • The NUMBER 1 mistake that other people of Polish descent commonly make that gets their citizenship application rejected EVERY TIME - and how to avoid making it!
  • After the call, you will also receive a customised and detailed action plan that outlines EXACTLY what you need to get your European Citizenship, and we do it all for you!

These consultation calls are strictly limited and places for February are already gone. Please fill in your details below to secure the next available timeslot.

Discover If You Qualify For An EU Passport So You Can Live, Work And Travel Through Europe For Life!