Polaron Live Q&A: How To Get Your Polish Citizenship by Presidential Grant

About this event

Did you know that EU citizens can enter 153 countries without a visa, which makes your Polish passport one of the most desirable travel documents around? For many people of Polish heritage, however, a Polish passport is just out of reach because their ancestors left Poland before 1918.

If this is your case, what if we told you that there is another way to claim your Polish citizenship? And what if we told you that the process is difficult, long and there is no guarantee of success? Would you still be interested in learning more? Why not join our live discussion this Thursday 7 May at 4:30 PM EST, when we’ll get our resident expert, Dorota Makowska, to tell us all there is to know about the presidential grant route.

You will get first-hand information from our global citizenship team, including:

  • Why do some people qualify for Polish citizenship through descent and others people don’t?
  • What are basic eligibility criteria for Polish citizenship through presidential grant?
  • What types of documents are needed to apply for presidential grant?
  • What are the timelines? How is it processed?
  • What are the success rates?
  • And MORE.

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4:30 pm - 4:45 pm