We've had a lot of great feedback over the years. Here are just a few examples of what our clients have to say about us.
Please note that some names and details have been changed to protect our clients’ privacy.

Published testimonials

  • Polaron did a wonderful job translating these resources for us. Although there was a long stretch of time between when we first requested a quote to when we provided the approved copy, Polaron were patient and helpful throughout the whole process.

    As usual, the translated resources were sent back to us in a short space of time and the translations themselves were of a high standard. BreastScreen Victoria translates many resources into key languages and Polaron provides a reliable service to deliver what we need.

    Emma Calley
    BreastScreen Victoria - 28 April 2022

  • Polaron provided expert advice and assistance throughout the project duration. This gave me the assurance that our translated resources reached our targeted audiences with information that is presented professionally and appropriately. I was impressed by the seamless completion of work done by the translators who were instructed to use other graphic design platforms and programs.

    Alain Arvin Palines
    LiverWELL Incorporating Hepatitis Victoria - 7 February 2022

  • Yewwwwww!!!! Thank you guys so much for what you have done. I could never of imagined getting this. We all thought this was not obtainable because of my grandfather’s unfortunate past with the war.

    I really want to thank you and your team for all your help.

    South Africa – 28 January 2022

  • Firstly I wanted to say a big thanks to you and the team at Polaron for all of the work you did on my case. I visited the polish consulate in London yesterday and submitted my passport application , so I should receive my Polish passport within the next couple months 🙂 . The pack your team sent with English instructions on how to fill out the passport application was incredibly useful !

    I was impressed by my overall experience with Polaron and the professionalism of everyone I had interactions with. Polaron made a very complicated process as easy as possible for me and left me with no stress or sleepless nights ! 🙂

    United Kingdom – 11 January 2022

  • Marta and her powerhouse of a translating team did a great job for Homes Victoria.

    We had a quote in a matter of hours and so much care was put into clarifications made about our request. The translator provided us exactly the products we were looking for. A little later in the week, when we came back asked for the documents in an alternate file format, they were sitting in our inbox within the hour – incredible!

    The customer service, detail-orientation and efficiency has been very impressive.

    Laura W
    Homes Victoria - 17 November 2021

  • We want to engage with as many people in our community as possible with this important service that helps people into jobs. So we used Polaron to do the translation of our flyer. City of Casey has a very diversified population, so we hope that whoever sees this flyer will think of a family or friend who could benefit from some job assistance.

    Lydia R
    City of Casey - 17 November 2021

  • Polaron helped us to develop 7 existing videos around Heart Failure into the 5 most common languages other than English in Victoria. These were Vietnamese, Mandarin, Arabic, Greek and Italian. The quality of the work was exceptional. The Team at Polaron had amazing attention to detail and these videos will now be of benefit to a diverse range of the community across Victoria to help them understand and manage their Heart Failure more positively. It will have enormous and long-lasting impact. I would recommend Polaron for anyone who is seeking language services.

    Heart Foundation - 19 September 2021

  • I cannot explain how appreciative I am of this incredible thing you and you’re staff have done for the COVID ward. The translations of the info sheet into 15 community languages will go a long way in providing patient safety and staff safety on our ward. The information is invaluable and we are very, very grateful!

    Head Nurse
    COVID Ward - Melbourne Australia

  • I was thrilled to work with Polaron. Their excellent customer service is comforting to a monolinguist like me! They kept me informed where they were at each stage of the project, even without asking!

    Margaret Redrup-May
    Blacktown City Council- 27 September 2021

  • Eva Hussain, Director of Polaron Language Services has been providing pro-bono translation services for the Association of Jewish Refugees since 2018, supporting Polish pension applications of Holocaust survivors. The AJR and its members appreciate Eva’s invaluable assistance as it helps us liaise with the Polish government and authorities on pension applications and renewals.

    Michael Newman
    Chief Executive, The Association of Jewish Refugees (AJR) - 9 September 2021

  • We are truly indebted to all of you for your efforts in securing the Polish centenarian pension for our father/father-in-law/grandfather, Morris. Please accept our deepest thanks!

    Wishing you continued success in the amazing work you do.

    Marvin, Madeleine, Sara and Beth
    11 September 2021

  • It has been such a pleasure working with the Polaron team, and thank you to all the translators and typesetters. These translations will help us to extend the reach of OzHarvest’s NEST program.  We will definitely be in touch for future translation projects.

    Elisha West
    OzHarvest National NEST Program Manager, Australia

  • I would like to thank Polaron for their support and the outstanding work carried out by your team of translators. We are particularly grateful for your facilitation of the consensus Zoom sessions with our bilingual data collection staff and your NATI Accredited Translators to review their changes.

    Dr Stephanie Fletcher-Lartey 
    Burnet Institute

  • I engaged Polaron to assist with my application for Slovak citizenship. Eva and her team were extremely thorough and knowledgeable about the entire process, and were with me every step of the way – from gathering relevant documents, arranging for translations, filling out application forms, and providing guidance on timeframes and what to expect at the embassy when I lodged the application. Communication was excellent, and I was delighted to have been granted Slovak citizenship in 2020, and receive my passport soon after.

    I strongly recommend Eva and Polaron to anyone considering an application for citizenship. Even in unusual circumstances – a global pandemic, and my application via an embassy in Asia – Polaron was able to make the process smooth, and achieve the perfect outcome.

    South Korea - 5 August 2021

  • I never thought gaining German citizenship could be a reality for me. I had inquired with other companies who pretty much told me it was useless to try. Then I came across Polaron who gave enough information that I just decided to go for it and see what would happen.

    I never thought it would happen in under 9 months! That was a complete shock. A very unexpected and wonderful shock.

    USA - 30 July 2021

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for your help and guidance through my Polish citizenship journey! I have received all the final decision documents and I am so happy and relieved of the result. Thank you to the Polish office team for bringing it all together and completing a process I would have never been able to do on my own.

    USA - 24 July 2021

  • This was a great piece of work to have completed to ensure BreastScreen Victoria’s messaging reaches the wider community. Marta was wonderful to work with, accommodating and patient about our many requests.



    Louise Moreland
    BreastScreen Victoria

  • Dear Mark,

    I’ve now had a chance to consider your file and I am so incredibly impressed by the effort you have put in preparing your materials for the application of Polish citizenship through presidential grant.

    Deputy Consul, Republic of Poland
    8 July 2021

  • Dear Tatum,

    Thank you for your renewed diligence across the last few months regarding my queries and application. It has been a pleasure.

    I am excited to see where this goes!

    Australia - 2 July 2021

  • Words cannot express my boundless gratitude. I can barely type this email I’m shaking so much. Eva, you and your team are just… superb. I have no words. I will be making the greatest testimonial, you all lived up to every expectation!

    Australia - 18 June 2021

  • I should thank you for all the help and time you took out of your busy schedule to help with the documents, answering my many questions and seeing this through! Especially during such a crazy time! I also want to give a special thank you here to Kinga as she has been awesome through this process and still continues to be! She has been wonderful to communicate and so approachable that I think you should know!

    A lot of our past was lost till now – this whole process has helped me uncover so much more than I ever would have thought possible! I started with nothing and now it has gotten to the point that I am even learning Polish history!! Which is soooo interesting!!!

    United States - 22 June 2021

  • Working with Polaron on translating these factsheets was a really easy and straightforward process. Exactly what we needed and they went above and beyond to work to our project timelines and request. It is very reassuring to be able to hand over the content and know you are getting a suitable and accurate product – even with the health focus.

    Isabelle Purcell
    LiverWELL incorporating Hepatitis Victoria - 23 June 2021

  • Thank you Eva! I’m still in a state of exhilarated joy with our outcome!!! It has been such a journey for us all! But what an outcome!!

    It’s just so fantastic that we got here – joy on so many levels for me!!

    Adam Everett
    Australia - 25 May 2021

  • As always, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Polaron. Hasara spoke to me about my needs and provided a quote very quickly. Marta worked with me to ensure that the translation of idioms was accurate, and our informal reviewers confirmed that the translations were perfect.

    The designers at Polaron generously updated the tiles with our campaign and Victorian Government logos to ensure the integrity of the typesetting.

    Thanks so much for your fantastic service!

    Sanjeewani Pathirage
    Department of Education and Training - 14 May 2021

  • I would like to say a huge thank you to Kinga, Pauliina and Lauren at Polaron, as I have just completed the passport application process and await the outcome.

    Your responses were always prompt and full of information, and no question was too silly to ask. I really appreciate the support as my Polish parents are aging and could not have helped me through this process. Being able to have a Polish passport is a wonderful legacy that I and my sons will cherish.

    Australia - 16 May 2021

  • I just wanted to thank you again for all the help and guidance you have provided over the past few months with my mother’s citizenship application. Your clear information, regular communication and kind words were much appreciated. The application process can get quite stressful and frustrating, and I always felt that things were safe in your hands.


  • Polaron took on our project with such great enthusiasm and really understood what we wanted to achieve. It was really easy to have confidence that the end product would be just right, and it was.

    Access Health and Community

  • Thank you for reminding me why I recommend you to all of our contacts, it was a pleasure, always professional, efficient, and an excellent service all the way through.

    Western Sydney Local Health District

  • Polaron has supported the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights on a number of publications with translations into community languages. They have always provided high quality and timely work enabling us to support our diverse audiences.

    Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

  • Polaron has been extremely helpful with understanding our translation requirements, communication has been hassle-free, and the final product was exactly what we asked for and delivered on time. The quality of the product is better than other providers at a fraction of the cost. You won’t be disappointed!!

    Neami National

  • Eva and all,

    Thank you for the great news and all your work!! You guys have been great despite our case coming with some complications and I’m so grateful to all of you! I am so happy right now and already want to plan a trip to Poland this summer once the it is allowed after COVID.

    United States - 27 Abril 2021

  • Dear Eva, Pauliina and Lauren,

    Thank you very much for your time and patience and commitment in organising my papers and documents. It is very much appreciated.

    Looking forward to seeing you later in the year… If all goes well!

    Australia - 25 Abril 2021

  • Polaron assisted Neami with translating flyers and posters for the Partners In Wellbeing program. Agata at Polaron has been extremely helpful with understanding our translation requirements, communication has been hassle free, and the final product was exactly what we asked for and delivered on time. The quality of product is better than other providers at a fraction of the cost. You wont be disappointed!!

    Damian Medley
    Neami National - 20 April 2021

  • I have been so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Eva, Dorota, and the whole team on this and am very grateful for everything that you have all done over the years in pursuit of this application. The professionalism, dedication, and meticulousness you all bring to this work is second to none. It has also been a very important and meaningful learning experience for me and all well worth the wait, too.

    United States - 20 April 2021

  • I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help and guidance you have provided over the past few months with my mother’s citizenship application. Your clear information, regular communication and kind words were much appreciated. The application process can get quite stressful and frustrating, and I always felt that things were safe in your hands, so thank you very much!


    Australia - 13 April 2021

  • I want to thank everyone at Polaron who helped us achieve our goal of attaining Polish citizenship. Your service was very professional and friendly.  Any questions I had were always answered in a timely manner and you were easily reached by phone if needed. I appreciated the updates along the way and your reassurances given in the settling of delays due to COVID-19. Your service was very professional.

    Australia - 14 February 2021

  • I am holding my Polish Passport and I am so happy. I want to thank everyone for their patience and hard work. I truly appreciate the work you have done on my behalf.  I hope to visit Poland again once this all ends.


    Canada - 26 February 2021

  • A big thank you to the Polaron team and who have helped myself and my family go through this whole process. I really think we defied the odds and I feel very blessed (although there were at times some delays) and very grateful to have this opportunity. I am currently applying for pre-settlement in the UK and I am hopeful this final part of the process will be successful. I can’t thank you all enough for all the hard work you put into my case.



    Australia - 11 March 2021

  • To make sure this important message reached different members of the community the team at Polaron were diligent and extremely helpful with translating a number of materials in various languages. I can’t speak highly enough of the team, as always it was a great working relationship and will hopefully get to work together on another project soon!

    Joanna Raine
    Icon Agency - 1 February 2021

  • Seeing my Polish birth certificate means so much to me as a sign of progress! A few tears did fall when it arrived in my inbox. Thanks for brightening my day.

    Also, I was able to read your email in Polish, another sign of progress!

    I type on my iPhone which already has all of the Polish letters accept the Polish “a.” My computer has the full Polish alphabet, but I use it much less.

    Best regards and thank you so much!!!!!


    United States - 22 January 2021

  • To Barbara that initiated the work and to Kinga that took over from her and to Paulina that saw it to its end, I extend my heartfelt thanks.


    The process of connection with Poland and with my heritage continues. I now regularly Covid permitting return to the motherland whenever I am able and the passport acts as part of the binding structure that cements me in my need for a sense of place.




    Thank you all, and my sincere apologies if I have neglected anyone.


    Australia - 20 January 2021

  • Polaron has supported the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights on a number of publications with translations into community languages. They have always provided high quality and timely work enabling us to support our diverse audiences.

    Fazlinda Faroo
    Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights

  • I just wanted to let you know that I received my documents, complete with Confirmation of Polish Citizenship, this morning – truly one of my most exciting moments of my life!

    Once again, I can’t thank you and your team enough. I have greatly appreciated your expertise, perseverance and outstanding communication all the way through this process.

    I am very excited to use my Polish citizenship to pursue working/living in the EU and also to learn more about my Polish heritage.

    I have already mentioned Polaron to several people interested in seeking confirmation of their own European ancestry.

    Please do accept my sincerest thanks and pass this onto all your team – you are fantastic!

    Australia - 7 January 2020

  • In a year when ensuring community messages are culturally and linguistically appropriate, Dr Susie O’Neill, KIDS Foundation Founder and CEO, was eager to call on the team at Polaron Language Services for support in translating children’s books.

    “The professionalism and skill of the Polaron team helped us to translate our ‘SeeMore Bug Safety – the tiny germs you can’t see’ book into some other popular languages that early childhood educators requested – Vietnamese, simplified Chinese, Arabic and Swahili. With their support, SeeMore and the important safety messages to young children have become something that is not limited by language barriers. We can’t wait for SeeMore to become even more multi-lingual in 2021!”.

    Susie O’Neill
    KIDS Foundation

  • Polaron provided excellent assistance a few years ago in helping me secure my Polish citizenship.  Thanks again.

    I have used my passport every year and definitely am looking at working in Europe at some stage in the future through my current employer. I can’t wait!

    Australia - 22 November 2020

  • Thank you for reminding me why I recommend you to all of our contacts, it was a pleasure, always professional, efficient, and an excellent service all the way through – thank you!

    Western Sydney Local Health District - 20 November 2020

  • Thankfully you were able to organise my Polish citizenship a few years ago and subsequently my daughter’s passport so she could stay in the UK. My daughter has been in London since she got her passport, but managed to get back here as Covid started and is still here. At least she has the choice if she wants to go back when things settle down, but for now she is safe which is the most important.

    We are very grateful for the amazing work you did in getting her organized so well. Thank you so much Dominic and Eva.

    Australia - 19 November 2020

  • Thanks to all the Polaron team. We appreciate your dedication and professionalism in assisting Angela to obtain her confirmation of Polish citizenship. We understand it is difficult processing during this pandemic.

    We truly appreciate your diligence and support with our family history.

    Chris & Angela
    Australia - 13 November 2020

  • Thanks to you and all the Polaron team over the past 3-4 yrs, here in Australia and in Poland for getting all this over the line for me. . .

    Amazing efforts & detective work under some extremely difficult conditions and circumstances, especially as I had very little paperwork to start with. . .

    I appreciate you all !!!

    Sincerest thanks and best wishes. . .

    Jan K

  • Marta, as a client of Polaron, I extend to you my deepest thanks for your lateral thinking, ‘taking a shot’, thoughtful patience and ongoing determination in resolving my case. Each new insight provides a reinvigoration in my application, to which you are a significant contributor.


  • Polaron did a wonderful job! We appreciate the fast turnaround time too. Great working with you on these resources.

    Danyel Walker
    BreastScreen Victoria

  • Thank you Polaron for facilitating your interpreting services in the Akha language. Our Member Support Officer was satisfied with the interpreter, who was fantastic and very good in a protection hearing, particularly given the difficult nature of the job.

    Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Migration & Refugee Division

  • I wanted to let you know that my son, Alistair, and I are now officially Poles!!!

    We went to the Polish Consulate yesterday for the ceremony. It was a very informal affair. Due to the coronavirus, and their function room currently being renovated, the ceremony ended up taking place in a board room, with only the Consul General (Monika Kończyk), my dad, my partner Leyda, Alistair and myself being present. I think it made for a much more personal experience.

    I would like to thank you and your team for making this happen. It means the world to me. I only wish that my mum was still alive so that she could have seen this happen. I know for sure that she would’ve been so proud.

    Sydney, Australia

  • Polaron took on our project with such great enthusiasm and really understood what we wanted to achieve. It was really easy to have confidence that the end product would be just right and it was.

    Owen Pietsch
    Access Health and Community

  • Polaron provided a very professional and very speedy response to help meet our very tight timeline. Our project involved multiple resources being translated to a high level (two NAATI-certified translators) into multiple languages. Polaron responded in a friendly and efficient manner and also adapted to our changing budgetary needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Danielle Weber
    Health Navigation Volunteer Manager at NSW Refugee Health Service

  • To be honest, I feel upskilled after watching the DTP introductory webinar thoughtfully designed by Polaron. I have often heard the term “DTP-ed’ file, but now I have a clear idea of what it is, how it is crafted and what the main technical aspects involved in this process are. To my knowledge, Polaron is the only agency delivering professional developmental webinars at no cost to us professionals. Good on you, team!

    Mez Ponnusamy
    Tamil translator

  • Thank you to you, your team, and everyone who played a part in making this happen. I am very grateful and appreciative of all your work.


  • Polaron have been a highly professional and supportive organisation to engage with. They were insightful, provided expert advice and guided us through the process with ease. We are so happy with the high quality resource that they have produced for our organisation, allowing us to be able to meet the needs of our diverse community

    Bonnie Lee
    Manager of Schools and Community at Family Planning Victoria

  • I would like to say thanks to you and the team, here and Poland that assisted in obtaining my Polish citizenship. It is a real dream come true that together we were able to find out more information on my Grandfathers lost family, and now carry on our roots down to my children.

    Amy N

  • Sincere thanks for all  your hard work and dedication. I’m off to Europe in September and ended up getting the university place I told Eva about. Doing a PhD in Europe has literally been a dream of mine. I know Mediterranean archaeology is quite an obscure subject but I am so incredibly passionate about it and there is no way I could do it in Australia. Firstly, because of lack of suitable courses but secondly because of the thousands and thousands of dollars I am saving by studying in Sweden. I was a bit worried about the language barrier but it turns out that I can study in English after all, with Italian, French and Latin coming in really handy, too. Anyway, now that I am a Polish citizen, my siblings will proceed too. Thank you for everything!


  • Can I be honest? Even though our applications were guaranteed with Polaron, I had my doubts if we ever see our Polish passports. Not because of your work and commitment but more because of the fact that we were at the mercy of the Polish government. So I must congratulate you and your team on delivering what you promised. This kind of old-fashioned service is so rare in today’s world. We out our trust in you and you have exceeded our expectations every step of the way. Enjoy the chocolates!

    New York

  • Hi team, now that my passport has been issued, I thought I’d send a few words of thanks to everybody who has worked so tirelessly on our citizenship applications. I know that we had a few challenges with the dates and names, and I must admit we were a bit worried along the way but the expertise, energy and tenacity of everyone really who has worked on the case kept our hope alive. This Polish passport of mine is so much more than just a passport,  you know. It means that my siblings and I were able to reconnect with our grandparents – people we have never actually met. I am so incredibly proud of being Polish, and so is Teresa and Justin. Thank you again. We will keep you in our thoughts.


  • I am writing to let you know that my passport has arrived yesterday, just in time for my departure next week. I do not have words to express my gratitude for your advice and support. I simply could not imagine getting my Polish citizenship myself. Your services are invaluable and I will recommend you to everybody I will ever meet with Polish heritage.

    Los Angeles

  • Thank you very much for everything! feels great to be officially Polish! The path to getting the passport seems straightforward now that I have these documents.

    New South Wales

  • Amazing!!

    You guys are the best! Thanks so much!


  • On behalf of the SA Jewish Board of Deputies I would like to thank you so much for assisting us with the translation of a letter from English into Polish. We really appreciate it.

    South African Jewish Board of Deputies

  • Polaron proved to be invaluable, offering a comprehensive and personable service that quickly assured me I was in capable hands.


  • The translation I ordered was turned around very promptly and was of great quality, as verified by the community women I have been working with. I can’t tell you how relieved I was and how much I appreciated her attention to detail. Such amazing customer service.

    Women's Health West

  • Polaron has provided an exceptional service from start to finish and beyond! Under the leadership of Eva Hussain, Polaron epitomises professionalism and efficiency, and applies the utmost attention to detail.

    Zborowski family
    New York & Sydney

  • I wanted to thank you again on behalf of my family for your exceptional work on obtaining our Polish citizenships and offer our testimonials/recommendations for Polaron in both Australia and your new office in New York. We have nothing but praise for the professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail of Polaron’s staff.   Many thanks

    Sarah D
    New York

  • I would just like to express my gratitude to everyone at Polaron for their constant contact throughout this process, and for exceptional effort in pulling all this together for me and my family.


  • I would like to take this opportunity to express how pleased I am with the quality of work Polaron have achieved. I certainly hope to be using your service again in the future. Thank you for the prompt and professional work.


  • I was going to email you as I have recently applied for my passport. The process was very easy, much easier than I expected actually. The glossary you provided me with was a BIG help as I knew exactly what to expect. I should receive it some time in May. This service you provide is wonderful as I would have found it extremely difficult and very time consuming to do on my own. As an oil painter my polish citizenship and passport is going to make things available to me that this country cannot provide so this will make a huge difference for my future. Anyway I’ll let you know when those documents arrive.

    Thanks again


  • I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Polaron for helping me obtain my Polish Citizenship! I’ve just applied for my Polish Passport at the Consulate of Poland and am now eagerly awaiting it in the post.

    I started my case a few years ago with much hope, but also doubt. The reason being, that my Grandparents arrived in Australia just after WWII with nothing but a few suitcases. In their rush to leave Europe, they brought very little documents, so the team at Polaron had to do extensive research to obtain any historic information.

    But, Polaron never gave up! They searched high and low, and embassies all over Europe. And slowly, the pieces started coming together. The history they discovered throughout their search was just incredible – they even discovered details about my Grandpa that no-one else in my entire family knew.

    Obtaining my Polish Citizenship and a Polish Passport has been a dream of mine for many years, and now, I can proudly say ‘I am a Polish Citizen with a passport on the way!’. This not only makes me proud, but will be life-changing if I ever want to work in Europe. Can’t thank you all enough!

    Simone T

  • Super awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is HUGE for me! Thank you thank you thank you! Polaron has changed my life ; )


  • YES, it is the first time I have heard of my great-grand parents’ names…It is all very exciting 🙂  A BIG Thank You to both yourself and colleague for giving me this information 🙂


  • Hooray!!! Fantastic news!!! Thank you for you and your team’s hard work.


  • I just wanted to take this moment to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Polaron forum earlier in the year and the fantastic service you have provided during my time here.


  • I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my Polish passport today from the consulate here in Los Angeles. It’s very exciting to finally have it after nearly 3 years of hard work, and we could not have done it without you all. Thank you for your tireless effort, and if you need someone for future customers to talk with regarding the experience feel free to provide my contact information. Thank you again!


  • On behalf of myself and my family, particularly my Mother, I would like to thank you so much for translating these documents for us. Your kind efforts on our behalf will allow us to submit these papers to the Polish government for my Mother. The work that you and others do in translating these documents for Holocaust survivors is unbelievable. My Mother cannot get over the fact that there is an organization and people such as you ( and Robert) who voluntarily work to help Holocaust survivors. For these survivors,  who at one dark time in their lives felt abandoned by the world, to know now about the kindness of people like you and other volunteers, means so much to them. Thank you for the work that you do to help them. Know how much it is much appreciated.

    New York

  • Thank you once again for running the two workshops on Saturday at Girls Rock! The initial feedback we have received from participants is really positive, and we’re looking forward to seeing this is more formal terms but also getting feedback on what else we could include. Your involvement on the day helped to rejuvenate this event for Girl Guides Victoria, so we truly appreciate your efforts and time! I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you again!

    Girl Guides Victoria

  • I’m writing to say thank you for your caring assistance in retrieving my Polish citizenship. At long last I’ve picked up my Polish passport from the consulate in Tel Aviv, and this whole process has come to a good completion. Yes, Eva – I definitely celebrated accordingly! Wishing you the best in all your endeavours.

    Tel Aviv

  • I’m writing to tell you my good news… Yesterday I got my Polish passport! Thanks so much for your invaluable help over the years in what turned out to be such a difficult process.

    New York

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and support throughout the confirmation of citizenship process. Natalie went back to London last week with her brand new Polish passport. She just emailed me to say that for the first time ever she went through the EU citizens queue. She asked me to let you know that it was a fantastic feeling and she smiled all the way on her bus trip from the airport. Despite the bureaucratic challenges with the confirmation of citizenship, with her Polish passport, Natalie has been able to get her old job back. She is just so happy!


  • Just wanted to let you know my confirmation of citizenship has come through, and to thank you for your invaluable help. I am very excited about living in Europe and plan to make a move as soon as I’ve received my passport. Thanks again!


  • From the outset I found the team at Polaron courteous, receptive and communicative. There was a successful outcome to a seemingly difficult application. Thank you, you have made a positive difference in our lives.


  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!! So so happy. Oh my God! Finally!!! I can work and live now!!! Thank you again. My dad will send you the address of where I’d like my confirmation of citizenship posted. Thanks again!!!


  • Our relationship with Polaron began through a detailed internet search. I read a number of forums,recommendations as well as government documents. From my research I determined that many had attempted (and often spent years) to get their Polish citizenship by themselves which led to giving up or seeking services like Polaron. My family decided it was best not to waste time as one never knows when legislation will change. Polaron is the perfect partnership for gaining citizenship as they are a legal service that deals regularly with Polish bureaucracy and know it far better than I would ever want to. They were very friendly, understood our situation and went through the application professionally and systematically. My grandfather was born in Poland and although he lost many of his documents during the war and had 3 different birth dates, Polaron was able to work their way through this. My mother was brilliant, too, despite her hatred for computers and Polaron being in another state. It all worked without a hitch. The employees were lovely to deal with and were referred to by my mother in such a positive light you would think they were old friends rather than people she had never met personally. Although it took us a number of years to get our Polish citizenship my family are fully aware that this would have been nearly impossible with our little knowledge of the Polish language and the Polish legal and administration systems. Our cousins attempted this years before us and eventually informed us it was impossible. Having my Polish passport has been helpful for my backpacking across Europe as well as my parents’ travels. Less waiting in lines, less questioning from customs and easier movement around Europe have all made this a worth while investment. I am also planning to work in Germany for a year and my Polish citizenship is what is making that possible. My family recommend that anyone looking to gain citizenship use Polaron: it is simply not worth the time, cost and stress to attempt yourself.


  • I hope this email finds you well and in great health. We did a lot of work together a number of years ago when you did a great service and we worked on my family getting Polish passports for all four of us. We are now all living in Europe! You were wonderful with all your help and the success of the family passports. I am writing to you because I have a very close friend who is seeking to get her Polish passport. She is living in the UK, but she is from Canada. I have told her to go to you as your company is the best to achieve this. She needs this passport desperately, and I am just writing to you to introduce her to you, and let you know I sent her to you.


  • Today I finally received the Polish passport for my child. It’s really a different day in my life… I just wanted to say that you are the most positive and helpful people I’ve ever contacted. Getting out of Syria was so stressful and I just cannot tell you how grateful that I am that you’ve stepped in to get us across the border to Lebanon. We were hearing bombs going off as we were getting our documents checked by the border guards. Thank you so much… Warm regards to you and the Polaron team from our new home. We have settled well in Poland, my son is now going to primary school and learning Polish. As for me, I am currently looking for a job and things are looking up. Hania and Szymon have been ever so helpful and I just don’t know what I would do without their help. Bless you all.


  • Yes, I got my passport!! I actually just applied for it this July and received it last month in October. I’ve been back living in Canada for the last 2 years. I felt like there were things that I needed to tie up here but I hope to get to Europe next summer and possibly travel through Poland. It’s fantastic to have the option to move there and it will make it much easier to travel. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe that your agency managed to get me citizenship – I like to look at my new passport and admire it!! And there was so much information we found out about my dad that we didn’t know before. The army documents I recovered in London were really quite amazing to read and had so much information on what he was like and where he was stationed. And an interesting thing we found out is that my great-grandmother’s name was Zuzanna. The interesting thing about that is that my parents were supposed to name me Julie but my older sister begged and begged them to name me Susie. So there’s a bit of a strange correlation there!


  • Thank you so much for such a fast response! You are awesome! You are right on track and have the right person! Yes, my grandfather was married twice and his first child (my aunt) was born to his first wife in Poland. His first wife died in Poland. He was a tailor, you are correct. I must say that I contacted a couple of companies for this service as I needed the quickest way possible but your service has so far been way more superior to the rest! And we are excited to go forward with your company. We would like to get started urgently. This would really change our lives!

    Cape Town

  • I would like to thank you on behalf of my children and myself, for all your efforts in applying for Polish citizenship on our behalf. We are absolutely delighted that you have been able to acquire citizenship for us so quickly and efficiently. As a result, William will now be able to stay in Poland for an extended period (when he returns later) and one of my daughters is also going to Poland. So once again, thank you for all you have done.


  • Thank you Polaron for all your help. I am very pleased with the outcome and the turnaround was faster than I expected. It is quite likely that one of my cousins or sisters will use your services in the future.


  • Hi Eva,

    I’m told that you did the pro-bono translation for my mother’s Polish pension application. I want you to know how much this means to her and myself. We really appreciate your involvement and trust that all is well for you and those dear to you.

    Thanks so much.


  • On both occasions that your interpreter has worked here this week the two tribunal members that have conducted the hearings have been very happy with her.  She has shown herself to be a reliable and competent interpreter. We will be happy to engage her again.

    Administrative Appeals Tribunal - Migration & Refugee Division

  • Thank you so much for your help yesterday. Your patience expertise and professionalism made the process less stressful and smooth. The generous donation of your time is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for the links. I know they will both be confronting and fascinating.


  • We’re very pleased with the service from yourself and the company so would love to keep and touch and will definitely be in contact for any future work.

    Trish Nicol Agency

  • Wonderful news, thank you Eva! This is very fast indeed! You and the the team at Polaron have been so professional and attentive – we have been most impressed! We will have our fingers crossed for the remaining two approvals. Our grandfather would be so proud if he were still here that we will carry on his legacy.

    Sarah K

  • Firstly I want to thank you and everyone I have dealt with at Polaron over the last 18 months – it’s been a very smooth process, and I’d be happy to recommend your services, or write a testimonial.

    I also wanted to let you know how well my visit to the consulate in Sydney went yesterday, as it may alleviate others concerns about the process .  I made an actual appointment, rather than just turn up during their open hours.  I was there 15 minutes early, but they dealt with me straight away.  The whole process took 30 minutes – they had a guide in English to complete the form and that was very helpful.  They only accept cash (I was already aware of that) for the passport. For anyone outside of Sydney it was a very easy 10 minute walk from Edgecliff station (which is on a direct line from the city).


  • Just a note of thanks for translating documents for me for the Polish Restitution for Holocaust survivors.

    Your efforts are very much appreciated.

    New York

  • That is fantastic news! I have been smiling all day and was very happy to call my parents on Skype to share the news. I anticipate to be living in London for the next few months. I’m happy to receive documents through your London office at Somerset House, it’s only fifteen minutes from my office! Thank you to you and your team, it’s been a great journey.


  • Just like to take the time to thank you and the whole team at Polaron for your help in getting my Polish citizenship. It has been a long journey but I appreciate the work put in and the sensitivity showed dealing with my Grandfather. When the time comes for me to get my children organised, I will be sure to contact you.


  • I just received my Polish Passport! Thank you to the amazing team at Polaron, in particular Jide and Tauba, who went above and beyond. Even after I received my Polish citizenship I was walked through the process of obtaining my Polish passport. Very professional and extremely helpful.


  • Very informative, clear and concise. I feel more empowered now through learning more about the role of the interpreter and how they should work.

    South East Volunteers Inc.

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Polaron for making my passport happen. We started out with nothing but fuzzy knowledge of our Polish origins, as all documents had been lost; Polaron put together the puzzle piece by piece, starting with grandpa’s birth certificate, followed by evidence of his living in Poland. The process has made me much closer to my family heritage and has sparked a genealogical interest!

    Now that I have my shiny new passport, I look forward to visiting Poland for the first time next month as a citizen. Thank you again!

    Los Angeles

  • Just a quick email to say I was delighted to receive my Polish Passport today! I wanted to say a huge thank you, to you especially, but also to Jide and the rest of the team for all of your help in this process. You have all been so helpful and professional and I truly appreciate the work you have put into my case. It really is wonderful to finally have confirmation of my Polish citizenship, and I couldn’t have achieved it without Polaron.

    Laura K

  • Thank you for the wonderful news. It is truly moving to feel legally Polish, which is quite surprising. I shall have a glass of wine to celebrate! You and your colleagues have been a delight to deal with, and we are all happy to recommend your services if you would like our input. Very best wishes to you! Dziękuję bardzo!!!!!!


  • I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the team at Polaron for all your help with in obtaining my Polish citizenship. Both Jide and Tauba were terrific during this process and I was really pleased with the level of communication provided by Polaron. I only have the final step to take to obtain my passport which I’ve been told isn’t too difficult. Thank you again for all your help, it’s means so much to me to keep our family history alive!


  • Thanks to everyone at Polaron for your help with my Polish citizenship and passport application.  I’m looking forward to being able to travel as a Polish citizen in the future. Thanks again.


  • My mum has never heard her grandparents names before and she teared up when I told her. Please keep in touch.


  • Good Work!!!! I trust the consultations went really well. And one more comment: Excellent Translation!!! Excellent translation!!! I think I know who’s done it!!! I recognise the quality and the style!!!! These are the translations I want to see from CCV!!!! Congratulations!!!

    Cancer Council Victoria

  • Thank you for the training this afternoon, it was very informative.

    UnitingCare Ageing

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for all your support. It’s been wonderful working with you all on various projects over the last 5 years. I hope our paths will cross in the future.

    Crows Nest Migrant Centre

  • Thank you ever so much for providing interpreting services at our Festival of Hope. The AUSLAN interpreter was just great. The entire experience with Polaron, from booking the interpreter to having the interpreter on stage with the dignitaries, working through the complicated speeches, was just brilliant. Thank you!

    Amnesty Refugee Network

  • I used Polaron Language Services for our recent Vietnamese translations.  They were fantastic – very easy to deal with and the turn-around time (10 days!!!!!) and cost was exceptionally good.

    Lander and Rogers

  • Everything went really well. The interpreters were fantastic. We’ve resolved most of our queries with this supplier and we wouldn’t have been able to get this far if it wasn’t for both interpreters. Thanks for your support.


  • This is just to thank you and let you know that the passport applications for everyone were accepted without a hitch today by the visiting Consular staff at the Melbourne Town Hall. Once again, thank you so much to both of you and the rest of your team for your expertise and assistance in this adventure.


  • OMG MOST EXCITING NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’ve all worked SO hard on this case. I truly appreciate it!!!!!!! STOKED!!!!

    Simone G

  • I can’t believe 5 years has gone by! And I’m now fully using my Polish passport as I moved to London, UK in May of this year. It’s so nice to have the European passport and to be able to live over here, and travel effortlessly between the countries.


  • I want to thank you and Polaron for the wonderful service provided to me over this period. I tend to be very busy, without much spare time, and it’s been very comforting to know that you and Polaron have been managing this process on my behalf and of course, I’m very happy with the outcome.


  • I wanted to say a huge thank you, to you especially, but also to Jide and the rest of the team for all of your help in this process. You have all been so helpful and professional and I truly appreciate the work you have put into my case.

    It really is wonderful to finally have confirmation of my Polish citizenship, and I couldn’t have achieved it without Polaron.


  • Just a quick note to tell you that your documents have arrived safely with your Passport instructions. It took 18 months but finally I have Polish citizenship. Thank you for all your help over this time. I couldn’t have got through it without your input especially as my written Polish language is not strong!


  • Thank you so much for your telephone call last night. Your staff have conducted this long process – of the confirmation for myself and my children – of Polish citizenship with determination, tact and professionalism. Please thank them all very much from me

    Richard T
    Western Australia

  • Hi Polaron, just to let you know I’ve received my Polish Passport today. Thanks again for all of your help. The service was very professional. I don’t think it would have been at all possible for me without your work.

    Richard L

  • I found Polaron to be prompt, reliable and very helpful. They did everything I asked for in a professional manner and they even offered to post extra documents to their destination free of charge, saving me time, cost and the hassle.