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What people are saying about Polaron

  • I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my Polish passport today from the consulate here in Los Angeles. It’s very exciting to finally have it after nearly 3 years of hard work, and we could not have done it without you all. Thank you for your tireless effort, and if you need someone for future customers to talk with regarding the experience feel free to provide my contact information.

    Thank you again!



  • On behalf of myself and my family, particularly my Mother, I would like to thank you so much for translating these documents for us.

    Your kind efforts on our behalf will allow us to submit these papers to the Polish government for my Mother.

    The work that you and others do in translating these documents for Holocaust survivors is unbelievable.

    My Mother cannot get over the fact that there is an organization and people such as you ( and Robert) who voluntarily work to help Holocaust survivors. For these survivors,  who at one dark time in their lives felt abandoned by the world, to know now about the kindness of people like you and other volunteers, means so much to them.

    Thank you for the work that you do to help them.

    Know how much it is much appreciated.


    New York

  • Thank you once again for running the two workshops on Saturday at Girls Rock! The initial feedback we have received from participants is really positive, and we’re looking forward to seeing this is more formal terms but also getting feedback on what else we could include. Your involvement on the day helped to rejuvenate this event for Girl Guides Victoria, so we truly appreciate your efforts and time! I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thank you again!


    Girl Guides Victoria

  • I’m writing to tell you my good news… Yesterday I got my Polish passport! Thanks so much for your invaluable help over the years in what turned out to be such a difficult process.


    New York

  • I’m writing to say thank you for your caring assistance in retrieving my Polish citizenship. At long last I’ve picked up my Polish passport from the consulate in Tel Aviv, and this whole process has come to a good completion. Yes, Eva – I definitely celebrated accordingly! Wishing you the best in all your endeavours.


    Tel Aviv

  • Thank you so much for all your hard work and support throughout the confirmation of citizenship process. Natalie went back to London last week with her brand new Polish passport. She just emailed me to say that for the first time ever she went through the EU citizens queue. She asked me to let you know that it was a fantastic feeling and she smiled all the way on her bus trip from the airport. Despite the bureaucratic challenges with the confirmation of citizenship, with her Polish passport, Natalie has been able to get her old job back. She is just so happy!



  • Just wanted to let you know my confirmation of citizenship has come through, and to thank you for your invaluable help. I am very excited about living in Europe and plan to make a move as soon as I’ve received my passport. Thanks again!



  • From the outset I found the team at Polaron courteous, receptive and communicative. There was a successful outcome to a seemingly difficult application. We are particularly happy because it means our children who live in Europe will be helped immensely by a successful outcome to their application for Polish citizenship. Thank you, you have made a positive difference in our lives.



  • THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!! So so happy. Oh my God! Finally!!! I can work and live now!!! Thank you again. My dad will send you the address of where I’d like my confirmation of citizenship posted. Thanks again!!!



  • Our relationship with Polaron began through a detailed internet search. I read a number of forums,recommendations as well as government documents. From my research I determined that many had attempted (and often spent years) to get their Polish citizenship by themselves which led to giving up or seeking services like Polaron. My family decided it was best not to waste time as one never knows when legislation will change. Polaron is the perfect partnership for gaining citizenship as they are a legal service that deals regularly with Polish bureaucracy and know it far better than I would ever want to. They were very friendly, understood our situation and went through the application professionally and systematically. My grandfather was born in Poland and although he lost many of his documents during the war and had 3 different birth dates, Polaron was able to work their way through this. My mother was brilliant, too, despite her hatred for computers and Polaron being in another state. It all worked without a hitch. The employees were lovely to deal with and were referred to by my mother in such a positive light you would think they were old friends rather than people she had never met personally. Although it took us a number of years to get our Polish citizenship my family are fully aware that this would have been nearly impossible with our little knowledge of the Polish language and the Polish legal and administration systems. Our cousins attempted this years before us and eventually informed us it was impossible. Having my Polish passport has been helpful for my backpacking across Europe as well as my parents’ travels. Less waiting in lines, less questioning from customs and easier movement around Europe have all made this a worth while investment. I am also planning to work in Germany for a year and my Polish citizenship is what is making that possible. My family recommend that anyone looking to gain citizenship use Polaron: it is simply not worth the time, cost and stress to attempt yourself.



  • I hope this email finds you well and in great health. We did a lot of work together a number of years ago when you did a great service and we worked on my family getting Polish passports for all four of us. We are now all living in Europe! You were wonderful with all your help and the success of the family passports. I am writing to you because I have a very close friend who is seeking to get her Polish passport. She is living in the UK, but she is from Canada. I have told her to go to you as your company is the best to achieve this. She needs this passport desperately, and I am just writing to you to introduce her to you, and let you know I sent her to you.



  • Today I finally received the Polish passport for my child. It’s really a different day in my life… I just wanted to say that you are the most positive and helpful people I’ve ever contacted. Getting out of Syria was so stressful and I just cannot tell you how grateful that I am that you’ve stepped in to get us across the border to Lebanon. We were hearing bombs going off as we were getting our documents checked by the border guards. Thank you so much… Warm regards to you and the Polaron team from our new home. We have settled well in Poland, my son is now going to primary school and learning Polish. As for me, I am currently looking for a job and things are looking up. Hania and Szymon have been ever so helpful and I just don’t know what I would do without their help. Bless you all.




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