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What people are saying about Polaron

  • I just wanted to write a quick note to pass on my praise for your staff.

    I ordered a small translation job a few weeks ago that was turned around very promptly and was of great quality, as verified by the community women I have been working with. The text I had translated was for the purposes of a poster that was being designed by a graphic artist. As it turned out, this design required a bit of back and forth and in the many re-workings, the translation (namely the Arabic text) became completely muddled. As tends to happen, timelines for this project blew-out and, once the design had been finally settled, I needed the translation amended, within the design template sent to me by the graphic designer. I needed it quickly too, as the poster was to be launched at an event a few days later. I contacted Sonia in a bit of a panic about this and she relieved me of my worry, assuring me that she would do all she could to get everything sorted and back to me, within the day – which she did. I can’t tell you how relieved I was and how much I appreciated her attention to detail and the time and effort she took to solve this problem for me. Such amazing customer service.

    Throughout the course of this small job (which got larger than anticipated!), I also had the opportunity to also work with Mariona, who was equally efficient and professional.

    Anyway, I really wanted to provide that feedback and to offer my thanks again. I will likely have a number of jobs over the course of this particular project and I look forward to working with Polaron again.

    Many thanks.


    Health Promotions Officer

  • Just a note of thanks for translating documents for me for the Polish Restitution for Holocaust survivors.

    Your efforts are very much appreciated.



    New York

  • That is fantastic news! I have been smiling all day and was very happy to call my parents on Skype to share the news. I anticipate to be living in London for the next few months. I’m happy to receive documents through your London office at Somerset House, it’s only fifteen minutes from my office! Thank you to you and your team, it’s been a great journey.




  • Just like to take the time to thank you and the whole team at Polaron for your help in getting my Polish citizenship. It has been a long journey but I appreciate the work put in and the sensitivity showed dealing with my Grandfather. When the time comes for me to get my children organised, I will be sure to contact you.





  • I just received my Polish Passport! Thank you to the amazing team at Polaron, in particular Jide and Tauba who went above and beyond. Even after I received my Polish citizenship I was walked through the process of obtaining my Polish passport. Very professional and extremely helpful.

    Daniel - Perth

  • Very informative, clear and concise. I feel more empowered now through learning more about the role of the interpreter and how they should work.

    South East Volunteers Inc.

  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Polaron for making my passport happen. We started out with nothing but fuzzy knowledge of our Polish origins, as all documents had been lost; Polaron put together the puzzle piece by piece, starting with grandpa’s birth certificate, followed by evidence of his living in Poland. The process has made me much closer to my family heritage and has sparked a genealogical interest!

    Now that I have my shiny new passport, I look forward to visiting Poland for the first time next month as a citizen. Thank you again!


    Los Angeles, USA

  • I just received my Polish Passport! Thank you to the amazing team at Polaron, in particular Jide and Tauba who went above and beyond. Even after I received my Polish citizenship I was walked through the process of obtaining my Polish passport. Very professional and extremely helpful.


  • Just a quick email to say I was delighted to receive my Polish Passport today! I wanted to say a huge thank you, to you especially, but also to Jida and the rest of the team for all of your help in this process. You have all been so helpful and professional and I truly appreciate the work you have put into my case. It really is wonderful to finally have confirmation of my Polish citizenship, and I couldn’t have achieved it without Polaron.



  • Thank you for the wonderful news. It is truly moving to feel legally Polish, which is quite surprising. I shall have a glass of wine to celebrate! You and your colleagues have been a delight to deal with, and we are all happy to recommend your services if you would like our input. Very best wishes to you! Dziękuję bardzo!!!!!!



  • Super awesome news!!!!!! Please let me know what I need to do to get my passport when the time comes. This is HUGE for me ! Thank you thank you thank you! Polaron has changed my life.



  • It took 18 months but finally I have Polish citizenship. Thank you for all your help over this time. I couldn’t have got through it without your input especially as my written Polish language is not strong! Appreciate your assistance!




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