Wrapping up 2014…

We cannot wrap up 2014 without saying a BIG thank you to the amazing staff at Polaron we’ve had the pleasure of working with this year.

We couldn’t have achieved some truly excellent outcomes for our clients without the hard work, genuine dedication, incredible persistence and superb skills of our project managers, lawyers, translators, researchers, IT staff and client support officers.

Here they are! Thank you, thank you, thank you, glorious people of Polaron!

1. Jide – for her wonderful patience, navigation skills, kindness and can-do attitude. All with a lovely smile.

2. Tauba – for coping with 6328874327 emails daily, dealing with foreign governments and keeping clients updated on all the goings on. Oh yes, and for always being on top of things! We’re jealous.

3. Szymon – for his advice, persistance and knowing how to get the Polish bureaucracy eating out of his hand. This man has the best negotiation skills ever. We’re not even joking!

4. Weronika – for cracking the secret code of communicating with the Ukrainian, Belarussian, Lithuanian and Russian archives. She has made an incredible difference to our clients’ cases, finding documents that were deeply burried in the archival vaults of the former Soviet states.

5. Ewelina – for making sure the Polish archival research is nicely ticking over, with many successes. She knows just how to read between the lines!

6. Krystyna – what can we say? Here is a quiet achiever who gets up at 4 every morning to … pay archival and registry fees. Super reliable, detailed and very friendly. Yep. That’s Krysia!

7. Adam – the best part-time admin support person you can ever hope for. He’s so good, he could get a PhD in scanning documents and dealing with courier companies.

8. Ada – for actually understanding the Polish law and delivering solid, expected results every time! Another quiet achiever!

9. Hanna – for her experience, reliable advice and superior legal knowledge. She has been a staunch advocate, fiercely defending our clients’ cases.

10. Anne – for her cool, calm and collected approach to research in Germany and the many successful research outcomes. We simply couldn’t have done without her!

11. Kirsten – for collating our ideas for the new website. Watch this space!

12. Elizabeth – for patiently implementing our database feedback and translating our crazy ideas into technicalise.

13. Dominic – for developing and maintaining our passport database, collating and understanding data and being a master of graphs, charts and statistical analysis. Amazing!

14. Emily – for being the Queen of Follow Ups, translations management and sending … stuff … to places. We can’t wait to have you back on board next year!

15. Margaret – for making sure our finances are up to scratch. And for looking out for prospective clients!

16. Kate – our ever-optimistic, enterprising, pleasantly persistent Kate is a champion of getting things done. She was instrumental in carving out a UK presence for us and we’re sooo looking forward to more of the same in 2015!

17. Eva – for holding it all together.

Wishing everybody a fabulous and successful 2015!10891704_555590311245249_2818064159299890935_n