Legal Translations

Multilingual Legal Support

Professional legal translation is a highly specialised field that requires precision and an in-depth understanding of the law. When you need legal translations as part of litigation or court proceedings, you can rely on Polaron’s Multilingual Litigation Support Service. We can accommodate your most ambitious deadlines, large volumes and challenging languages, with legal interpreters and translators available around the clock in over 100 languages and dialects. They are authorised to work in legal settings within government agencies, courts and tribunals and have several years of experience in legal translation practice. When you contact us, Polaron’s project managers will respond promptly to your request and allocate the most most suitable linguist to your project. Polaron’s range of legal services includes:

  • Certified legal translations in over 100 languages, suitable for all jurisdictions
  • Multilingual OCR
  • Multilingual machine translations
  • Certified legal interpreting
  • Multilingual transcriptions
  • Legalisation of documents for international use

We take security and confidentiality seriously so before the work starts, we will provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Our certified legal translators have current police checks and work over secure networks