LiverWELL Incorporating Hepatitis Victoria

Type of translation

These translations were a series of health wallet cards, intended to share information about health conditions known as hepatitis B and hepatitis C.


Arabic, Dari, Khmer, Simplified Chinese and Vietnamese


Our team of dedicated project managers and NAATI-certified translators made this job smooth and easy. The main challenge was translating factual and sufficient information in another language without losing or changing the meaning of the content. Great communication between the client and Polaron’s team allowed this project to be delivered on time and on budget, without compromising quality.

Target group

This health campaign targeted CALD individuals living with Hepatitis B and C and their friends and family to better understand the information available. The translated resources can also be used by clinicians, community and healthcare workers to share information with their clients.

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  • Arabic

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Polaron provided expert advice and assistance throughout the project duration. This gave me the assurance that our translated resources reached our targeted audiences with information that is presented professionally and appropriately. I was impressed by the seamless completion of work done by the translators who were instructed to use other graphic design platforms and programs.

Alain Arvin Palines

LiverWELL Incorporating Hepatitis Victoria - 7 February 2022