KIDS Foundation – Multilingual SeeMore Bug Safety Booklets

Type of translation

NAATI-certified translation with implementation into Design Files for proper dissemination of booklets.


Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Swahili & Vietnamese

Client’s request

Our client came to us with a need to translate their already successful booklets into a few languages. They wanted to maximise their reach by selecting languages that were most prevalent in their communities. They were able to understand which languages were of most need through channels of community members and leaders. Polaron was the vessel that allowed KIDS Foundation to deliver in language resources to the communities that required it the most.

Target group

The target group for this project are the kids and children across Australia from Arabic, Swahili and Vietnamese speaking communities. It was very important that we deliver the message of personal hygiene to a large community of children.

The biggest challenge

Translating on the topic of hygiene especially in the current climate, will always be a challenge, but for this project our translators had to put themselves in the shoes of the kids, our target audience. We had to ensure that the language used was suitable for children and easily understood. In addition to this, the design file proved to be a challenge with the expanding and shrinking texts from different scripts, as well as few un-editable textboxes.

Find out how KIDS Foundation translated their booklets in this exclusive video interview with Susie O’Neill, CEO of KIDS Foundation.

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  • Arabic

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  • Chinese Simplified

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  • Swahili

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In a year when ensuring community messages are culturally and linguistically appropriate, Dr Susie O’Neill, KIDS Foundation Founder and CEO, was eager to call on the team at Polaron Language Services for support in translating children’s books.

“The professionalism and skill of the Polaron team helped us to translate our ‘SeeMore Bug Safety – the tiny germs you can’t see’ book into some other popular languages that early childhood educators requested – Vietnamese, simplified Chinese, Arabic and Swahili. With their support, SeeMore and the important safety messages to young children have become something that is not limited by language barriers. We can’t wait for SeeMore to become even more multi-lingual in 2021!”.

Susie O'Neill

KIDS Foundation