Family Planning Victoria – Sexual Health Resources

Type of translation

The job involved a community-approved translation of three videos which included voice recorded, subtitled and composited by our video and audio specialists. With the assistance of voice talents, certified linguists, production heads and special equipment, we generated an outstanding resource for the chosen communities.


Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) and Punjabi.

Client’s request

Upon commencement of the job, the client highlighted the importance of creating culturally appropriate content. This allowed us to focus on specific terminology within each video, which meant that we could provide explicit instructions to our translators on how to translate each phrase. Community review and assistance regarding this issue was also very helpful.

Target group

The individuals within the Chinese and Punjabi communities that had little knowledge of the reproductive system, with a strong emphasis on informing each viewer about the aspects of each process.

The biggest challenge

The biggest challenge that we faced was the sensitivity and stigma surrounding commonly used terms for sexual health. We worked closely with our translators, ethno-specific organisations and the client to establish terms that would be suitable and culturally appropriate for each demographic.

Watch all the videos for FPV project here

Polaron have been a highly professional and supportive organisation to engage with. They were insightful, provided expert advice and guided us through the process with ease. We are so happy with the high quality resource that they have produced for our organisation, allowing us to be able to meet the needs of our diverse community

Bonnie Lee

Manager of Schools and Community at Family Planning Victoria