Department of Education and Training – Early Start Kindergarten

Type of translation

The job involved a NAATI-certified translation of an ‘Early Start Kindergarten’ brochure.



Client’s request

The Department of Education and Training of the Victorian Government wanted to provide parents who are Ukrainian-speaking refugees or asylum seekers with a brochure to help them know if their child is eligible for free (or low cost) early start kindergarten. Our team of dedicated project managers and NAATI-certified translators made this job smooth and efficient.

Target group

The target group for this project are Ukrainian-speaking parents of three-year-old children from a refugee or asylum seeking backgrounds

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Polaron have done a number of translations of our Early Start Kindergarten brochures over the past 12 months, and they have been delivered on time, and have supported our efforts to engage families from a refugee or asylum seeker background in kindergarten, including our most recent efforts to support Ukrainian refugees in Australia.

Jayne Wright

Department of Education and Training - 18 July 2022