City of Casey

Type of Translation

For this translation project, a series of job advocate flyers with QR codes were translated into 5 different languages. This will be used to help the people of Casey to find jobs and support, regardless of their background or preferred language.

Target Group

The target demographic for this project are job seekers who predominately speak Chinese, Arabic, Dari, Farsi and Sinhalese.

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  • Chinese

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  • Arabic

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  • Dari

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  • Sinhalese

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  • Farsi

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We want to engage with as many people in our community as possible with this important service that helps people into jobs. So we used Polaron to do the translation of our flyer. City of Casey has a very diversified population, so we hope that whoever sees this flyer will think of a family or friend who could benefit from some job assistance.

Lydia R

City of Casey - 17 November 2021