CALD Reference Group

Polaron’s CALD Reference Group was established in October 2013 to provide guidance, recommendations and feedback on CALD communication strategies.

Over the years, Polaron has fostered a sustainable relationship with the members of the Reference Group and relies on their input to ensure quality outcomes for multilingual resources we develop for our clients. The Reference Group includes over 60 ethno-specific community organisations, community leaders, bi-lingual educators, interpreters, translators and consumers.  The Reference Group helps us develop stronger links between communities, establishing an effective platforms for communication that connects people across cultural groups.

When seeking feedback, we are able to tap into the diverse viewpoints from:

  • Communities of the top 60 languages spoken in Australia
  • Communities of over 50 rare and emerging languages spoken in Australia
  • Communities of the top 30 languages spoken by senior Australians
  • Communities of the top 30 languages spoken by young Australians
  • Indigenous communities
  • Diverse LGBTI communities
  • Diverse disability groups
  • AUSLAN users
  • We can also include recently arrived migrants and refugees, migrants and refugees who have lived in Australia for some time, as well as people whose ancestors migrated to Australia.
  • When seeking feedback, we can focus on health, legal or any other resources requiring peer review or community approval.

At Polaron, we are committed to the principle of valuing cultural diversity. We believe that people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are not homogenous and the Australian community is made up of many different cultural and ethnic groups, with considerable diversity within each. We believe that asking people about what they want is key to engagement and effective communication.