Case study

Translating over 20 legal and technical documents from Japanese into English for a commercial litigation.

The assignmentLOGO CASE STUDY 1

International Law Firm Ashurst (formerly known as BlakeDawson) required an urgent translation of over 20 technical documents from Japanese into English for a commercial litigation dispute between a manufacturer in Melbourne and a distributor in Tokyo, Japan. Some of the documents needed to be translated within days. Most were dense, lengthy and very technical. Speed was of the essence as the documents came to hand at the very last minute of the proceedings.

The coordination map

A Polaron project manager met with a representative from Ashurst for a preliminary discussion to determine the most efficient way to coordinate the translations, based on the firm’s priority requirements.

The documents to be translated consisted of highly technical mechanical blueprints, diagrams of machinery used at the Melbourne plant, invoices and various other financial documents, as well as emails and hand written letters exchanged between the two companies.

The teamteam

Polaron engaged 6 professional translators to ensure that the project was completed in the agreed time frame and that the urgency did not compromise the quality of the translation. The translators were briefed, trained and supported with terminology, clarifications and technical expertise throughout the project.

The high-tech nature of these documents required translators with exceptional skill not only in the Japanese and English languages, but also with a sound knowledge of manufacturing processes.

Attending courtCOURT

The client required that the 6 translators working on the project were able to, if required, attend court sessions to verify their translations and clarify  points raised by the other side. In the end, the matter settled out of court but throughout the project, the entire team was aware of how much the client relied on them in producing accurate and reliable translations.

The outcome

The most urgent documents were put through stringent quality assurance procedures and delivered to the client within 3 days. The remaining  CROWNtranslations were delivered within 7 days.

The client received the translations within the agreed time frame, with Polaron’s highest quality assurance. Ashurst’s lawyers were very happy with the way Polaron coordinated and completed the project and continues to use Polaron Language Services until today.