Polish citizenship

Do you have Polish ancestry? Start the exciting journey towards your EU passport with your European citizenship experts.

How do I become a Polish citizen?

There are two ways you can reclaim your Polish citizenship:

  1. If you have Polish ancestry, you can apply to have your citizenship confirmed by proving your heritage and by satisfying other eligibility criteria from the Polish government. Check if you qualify.
  2. If you have Polish ancestors and they lost or never held Polish citizenship, you may be able to apply for a grant of citizenship through the Office of the President of Poland. Contact us to find out more.

Why use Polaron?

We are a the oldest and most experienced professional European citizenship company in the world. Since 2003, we have confirmed over 8,500 Polish citizenships of clients from Australia, US, UK, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and many other countries. With offices on four continents, staffed by experienced case managers, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with accurate advice, regular updates and attractive payment plans. Best of all, our results are absolutely guaranteed and we are proud of our 99.7% success rate. Led by our CEO, Eva Hussain, we help people with Polish heritage to reclaim their citizenship and connect with their ancestral land and history. We are patient, tenacious and diplomatic in dealing with the Polish government, archival institutions and family members.

Having your Polish citizenship confirmed sounds easy enough, so it may seem initially cheaper to lodge the application yourself, but consider that:

  • you will have to navigate your way, in Polish, through Polish laws, regulations and bureaucracy
  • since January 2013, you must nominate a resident of Poland to act on your behalf
  • you are expected to cover notarial fees, Apostilles, filing fees, certified translations and other out of pocket expenses
  • you start the process without having any idea on what the final cost is going to be

Assessment of your case – totally free, no obligation on your part

When you choose to partner with us, we are so confident in our ability that we guarantee that your claim will be successful, or you get your money back. We’re so certain, we will:

  • assess your situation completely free of charge before starting the process;
  • discuss your family’s background and examine the documents in your possession to see whether you meet the eligibility requirements;
  • inform you of your chances of success in advance

Advantages of EU citizenship

An EU passport allows you to work, live and study in any European country without limitations. Other advantages include:

  • ability to transfer your citizenship to your children
  • international travel flexibility through EU member countries
  • unlimited working and residential rights
  • opportunity to select advantageous tax regimens
  • access to subsidised tertiary education and scholarships
  • ability to own property
  • access to preferential investment loans
  • ability to hold public service positions
  • access to social security

Professional case management

Clients working with Polaron benefit from:

  • having access to a dedicated case manager responsible for managing their file
  • accurate and reliable information, advice and regular progress updates
  • administrative, linguistic and project management support
  • fixed, one off, all inclusive fee and the option of a payment plan
  • the certainty of working with an honest, reputable, dedicated Australian company.

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