Polish citizenship

Reclaim your Polish citizenship and get an EU passport.


Polish citizenship by descent

Did you know that if you have Polish ancestry, you probably already are a Polish citizen? You can apply to have your citizenship verified or confirmed by proving your heritage and by satisfying other eligibility criteria set by the Polish government. Test your basic eligibility now for free.

Verifying and confirming your Polish citizenship

To verify your Polish citizenship you must apply to the Voivodeship Office in Warsaw, lodging a number of documents, translated into Polish. They include forms, archival records, vital records and other documentary evidence.

The application is then assessed by a case officer at the Voivodeship Office.  They review your file, seek clarifications and may conduct their own investigations. Once their work is concluded, a decision is drafted and submitted for approval to the management. If the outcome is positive, you are issued with a certificate of citizenship.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for Polish citizenship by descent you need to have Polish ancestors, usually just one, who:

  • were born in Poland (or one of the former Polish territories) and resided there after 1920; or
  • left Poland before 1920, but your ancestors’ residential address can be found in the Polish, Prussian, Russian or Austro-Hungarian registers; and
  • maintained their Polish citizenship until the day of your birth.

Language requirement

You do not need to speak Polish to reclaim your Polish citizenship but the process of confirming your Polish citizenship is carried out entirely in Polish. This is where we can help because we:

  • have more than a decade of experience in confirming people’s Polish citizenship;
  • pride ourselves in providing our clients with accurate advice, as well as linguistic, administrative and  legal support;
  • we carry out extensive research and only take cases on if they are bound to succeed;
  • we offer a fixed rate for our services so that you can budget for your EU citizenship, and we offer payment plans;
  • we work directly with the Voivodeship Office in Poland, which means we get your citizenship with no delays.
  • guarantee our results.

For you we will

  • navigate through Polish laws, regulations and bureaucracy;
  • act on your behalf in Poland (since January 2013 a resident of Poland must be nominated in order to lodge an application);
  • cover notarial fees, Apostilles, filing fees, certified translations and other out of pocket expenses;
  • let you know the cost of the entire process before you start.

What now?

  • Visit the FAQs on EU citizenship for specific information about the process of acquiring EU citizenship.
  • Download the free booklet   for detailed instructions on how to start your exciting journey to reclaim your Polish citizenship.
  • Contact us to discuss your situation in detail.


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