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Prof. Adamski knows all there is to know about Polish citizenship, passports and genealogy. He works around the clock to give you detailed and personalised answers to your questions. Want to know more about your family and their journey from Poland? Leave your questions down below and you might be surprised about what he can uncover!

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  1. I was born in Slovenia,my parents are from Slovenia,I became an American citizen via naturalization in the 90’s,can I apply for a Slovenian passport? Am I still a citified Slovenia? Ty

  2. Hello professor
    My mother and grandmother immigrated to the USA before WW2.
    My mother became a naturalized citizen before I was born.
    May I still be eligible for German citizenship?
    Thank you

  3. If I am awarded dual citizenship with Germany/USA, does my son have to apply separately for his dual citizenship?

  4. My grandfather was born in 1926 in Davyd-Gorodok, which was then Poland but now Belarus. He went to Cuba and then in 1962 to the USA. Would I be eligible for Polish citizenship?

  5. Found a document that request my grandfathers renouncing Polish Citizenship in favor of U.S. in 1966. Would this effect me retaining my Polish citizenship?

    1. Hello Paul,

      Yes, you could potentially be eligible for Polish citizenship through your great-grandparents. We would have to know a bit more information about their individual situation and journey from Poland to assess your eligibility.

      If you would like a free comprehensive assessment of your case, please email our team of experts at

      Yours truly,

      Prof. Adamski

  6. My Father was born in Poland 1923 Lidzbark Wielski. Mazury. I understand he was forced into joining the German Army around about 1943. Later he joined the Polish Forces P/27 B.A.O.R. He was resettled in England into the Polish Resettlement Corps.
    Does the fact that he was conscripted into joining the German army affect myself and family obtaining a Polish passport through descent?
    Ursula Martin (Lozewicz)

    1. Hi Ursula,
      These circumstances do not affect your case directly, but you do have a challenging case requiring further investigation. According to the Polish law, only Polish citizens can serve in the Polish army and it is implied that if your father served, he must have done so as a citizen of Poland. We’d need to look into the circumstances of how your father was drafted into the German army. As long as this was done under duress and he WAS NOT of German nationality, you should qualify for Polish citizenship.
      Interestingly, you may also potentially qualify for German citizenship under the new laws. Please contact our team on for next steps.
      Yours Truly,
      Prof. Adamski

  7. Dear Prof. Adamski,
    My grandmother left Poland in 1937 at year of 5, lived in several countries after that and my mother was born in 1960. I’d like to know if I could be eligible for Polish citizenship through descent.
    What I have are the Polish passport of my grandmother’s father used to leave Europe with her name on it and a later Polish passport given to my grandmother in a foreign consulate in 1996.

    In spite of not having a marriage certificate for my grandmother nor naturalization papers from the countries she lived, I wanted to know if both Polish passports are enough to confirm my Polish citizenship, since they prove my grandmother was Polish when 5 and retained her Polish citizenship till she was 64.

    Thank you very much,

    1. Dear Laura,
      You are most likely eligible however please note until your grandmother turned 18, her citizenship was linked to her father’s, so you’d need to prove that he was a Polish citizen and was able to pass it onto her when she turned 18.
      If you’d like to email our team will gladly assist.
      Yours Truly,
      Prof. Adamski

  8. My parents were Polish citizens who took out Australian citizenship after I was born in Australia. Am I eligible?

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