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Prof. Adamski knows all there is to know about Polish citizenship, passports and genealogy. He works around the clock to give you detailed and personalised answers to your questions. Want to know more about your family and their journey from Poland? Leave your questions down below and you might be surprised about what he can uncover!

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567 questions and answers

  1. Dear Professor Adamski,

    My great grandparents were from Kozliv (Austrian Empire -> Poland -> nowadays Ukraine). They got married in 1896 there.

    They emigrated to Brazil around 1910.
    My grandmother was born in Brazil in 1921. She never got married and gave birth to my father as a single mom in 1947.

    My parents gor married in Brazil in 1972 and I was born 1989.

    Is there any chance to apply for the EU passport?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hello. I am wondering if it is ok that during the separation of Czech and Slovakia my grandparents became Slovakian? Could you clarify details between Czech and Slovakia regarding eligibility of an EU passport? Thank you!

  3. Mother was born in Warsaw in 1937 to a Jewish family. Grandfather, great-grandfather also were born in Warsaw. Grandfather and mother left in 1939 to Russia and, after the war, emigrated to Israel which is where I was born. We have been US citizens for the past 50 years.
    We have no records other than a digital download of mother’s Displaced Person from 1946 which identifies her place of birth as Warsaw.
    Do I qualify for Polish citizenship?

  4. My maternal great grandfather and maternal great grandmother along with my maternal grandmother(8 years old at the time) immigrated to the USA in 1922 with Polish passports… I believe All 3 received their American citizenship before 1951… My Great grandfather was likely over 50 years old when he got his American citizenship and his daughter(my grandmother) would have already turned 18 by the time that occurred. Am I eligible ?

  5. Dear Prof. Adamski,

    My family is thinking about trying to get the polish citizenship by descent. My grandfather came from Zolkiew, Lviv to Brazil in 1929, but never became a brazilian, and all his local documents put him as polish. He was born in february 16th, 1915 on a village called Przystan’, in Zolkiew (Zhovkva), Lviv / Lwow, that nowadays belong to Ukraine.
    Unfortunately his documents have been lost, but we are researching and gladly we just found his birth records with a genealogist.
    One thing that worries us is that his and his parents’ creed was greek catholic (more ukrainian). Do you think we could have a problem with this issue?

    I really aprecciate If you could help us.

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,

    Guilherme Athanasio Shwetz

    1. Dear Guilherme,

      Thank you for your question.

      Yes, it could be an issue if they considered themselves Ukrainian by nationality. It would depend on what documents you can provide to show he was Polish, including Brazilian documents stating he considered himself Polish.

      Yours truly,

      Prof. Adamski

  6. My great grandparents and grandmother were all Slovak citizens and they emigrated to US in 1911. Am I eligible for Slovak citizenship through descent?

    1. Hi Kris,

      Thank you for your question.

      Unfortunately, Slovak law does not currently allow you to obtain Slovak citizenship through your ancestors, so you are not eligible for Slovak citizenship.
      However, a new Slovak law on citizenship is currently being prepared, which will probably enable the simplified acquisition of Slovak citizenship by persons whose ancestors were born on the territory of today’s Slovakia. The law has not yet been approved and it is not clear what exactly the conditions will be. Therefore, I suggest that you contact us in July, when the law is likely to be approved and the conditions clearer.

      Yours truly,

      Prof. Adamski

  7. My great grandparents were Polish, but left before 1920 to Canada. When they lived in Europe, they were located in Austria, the town they were born in married, but it is now Poland. Where would I stand on claiming ancestry regarding this?

  8. Dear Prof. Adamski,

    My great grandfather immigrated to Canada in 1926 from Poland and was naturalized in 1935. My grandfather (his son) was born in 1930 in Canada. My question is I have read some things about acquiring citizenship before 1951 causing problems with claiming citizenship by descent (with the exemption of conscription which I think Canada had?). I was wondering if this would effect my ability to gain Polish citizenship.

    Thank you,

  9. Both of my great grandparents and their families were polish citizens going back several generations. My grandparents were both born in the very early 1900s and emigrated to the US in 1927 to avoid religious persecution.

    My grandfather was a Rabbi and after moving to the US was a Rabbi in New York.

    My Aunt previously looked into obtaining citizenship, but was denied on the basis that my grandfather was a public figure.

    I am conducting my own research, and am curious if this is truly the case.

    1. Dear Jonathan,

      Thank you for your query.

      The answer is yet, but this decision can be overturned. We have just won one similar but it took several years.

      Yours truly,

      Prof. Adamski

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