This selection of CVs is sadly real. We are quoting them verbatim.

They were written by “professional” translators looking for freelance work at Polaron.  Needless to say, they won’t be working with us.

Here are some examples of people we did not hire…

1. Look forward to hear from you                                                                                          

I am interested in translation job from English to Russian and Lithuanian. My mother tongue is Russian and I am 12 years speaking in Lithuanian and English, so understanding and translating to/from this language is not a problem for me. I send you my CV. I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

2. Pecailized                                                                                                                                    

I am pecialized in Arabic, Spanish, English and French.

3. How much price i can expect from you                                                                         

I am planning to shift to Australia (Probably Melbourne), As my family will be with i need to plan my earnings before leaving, presently i am doing Chinese English & Hindi Interpretation since 5 years , and an expert in all 3 languages. Need you help to know just, if i need to work in your Co. as an Interpreter – how much price i can expect from your Co. for 1 day and approximately for how many no. of days in a month i can expect the assignments, As there will be lots of responsibility on me when i land there and i don’t have any friends over there…, So need to do all these plannings So, this is a kind request to advice for the above confusion running on my mind.. or if any thing  else i should be knowing regarding Translation Interpretation field before coming…

4. I look forward to dicuss with you                                                                                   

Base on the knowledge and working experience from my job, I believe I am qualified for this position and I am sure I could be productive in your environment in a short order. I look forward to discuss with you about my ability, skill and personal commitment.

5. Organization as Part Time                                                                                                

I am writing to express my interest in applying for vacancies at your organization as Part Time.

6. I speak a fluent english                                                                                                       

I speak a fluent english as well as italian therefore I propose myself as transaltor when/if needed.

7. Physics in general                                                                                                             

Having been an amateur radio operator of a club station for almost 12 years, I have a lot of experience in electronics, electrotechnics, telecommunication as well as physics in general.

8. Our name has already included                                                                                       

Our name has already included in the vendor database of several ICT enterprise as well as the multi-lingual localization companies. Attachment of this email, you could get more in detail about our in-house capacity and professional service.

9. Extensive command of my mother tongue                                                                  

Due to my long career, I can offer competent translating expertise in all fields of activity, while my excellent knowledge of both English and German grants my full understanding of all subtleties in source texts; my extensive command of my mother tongue then allows me to fully render the intended meaning in the target text with equivalent effectiveness.

10. Cooperate with your company                                                                                         

Dear Madam,  Sir, pls find in attachment my CV, as I would like to cooperate with your agency as a freelance translator..

11. I have challenges                                                                                                                    

I have challenges to provide high-quality service and meeting deadlines.

12 . And the opposite                                                                                                                  

If I am not shortlisted for the above position, I would like to express interest in working for Polaron as a freelance translator from English to Greek and the opposite.

13. Always great                                                                                                                           

Hope that always great with you.

14. Not bed at all                                                                                                                          

I would like to know if you need an experienced translator from English to Italian to complete your team. I am available to work by home and my rates are not so expensive. At the contrary the quality of my job is not bed at all.

15. I would be pleasant                                                                                                             

In attachment is my resume for your review, and I would be pleasant to fix an interview to discuss the possibility to get a job in Polaron.


And whilst we enjoy poking fun at poorly written emails, there is a lesson to be learned from all this for those that are just starting out in the industry or want to expand their agency base. What is it you ask?

1. Think before you write!    

Remember, first impressions count and how you present yourself in emails to prospective employees does matter. Anything that’s misspelled or poorly formatted is bound to go straight to the bin, no matter how amazing your translation skills are.

2. Make your CV stand             

This is actually simpler than you may think. All you need to do is include information that is relevant, well written and clearly laid out. Including a photograph of yourself is also a good idea, it makes your CV more personal. But please, choose your pictures wisely. We could show you some examples of what we mean but we won’t. They are too embarrassing. Needless to say, your photo needs to look professional.

3. Address it to the right person          

Most translation company websites will have a careers  section with a form to fill in. This is one example Please don’t send your CV to every email you see on the website, you should aim to send it to a real person or go through a pre-defined recruitment process. If the translation agency is faceless and you can’t find any names of real employees anywhere, you should probably consider not sending your resume to them. Who knows who they are.

4. Follow up … politely

Check if your CV has been received and keep in regular contact with your chosen agency.  Translation project managers are usually friendly people who like to work … with friendly translators! Check out the agency’s social  media pages to see who’s who and develop personal relationships with people that allocate projects. They will keep you in mind for the next big job if you have been professional, flexible and friendly all along.

5. Don’t send one liners, text-ease or anything that’s poorly written.

In other words, don’t write like this. None of the examples below give us confidence that you can translate well!