What You Need to Know to Gain Polish Citizenship

About this event

Kinga Najda, the Operations Manager at Polaron, will be joining us to discuss how to fast-track the process to get your Polish citizenship quicker. Gaining Polish citizenship can seem like a difficult task but somebody like Kinga makes it that much easier and she is joining us to tell us how.

Kinga will be discussing:

  • Tips and tricks to help you gain Polish citizenship
  • The process of getting Polish citizenship
  • How to make the citizenship process easier

To watch it LIVE, visit our Facebook page at the time of the event: https://bit.ly/3vovALO


Kinga Najda is the Operations Manager at Polaron European Citizenship Services. She has completed a double degree in Business Management and an Arts degree in Politics and Sociology. Her background in business management includes all aspects of business affairs, with a primary focus on client relations and management portfolios. At Polaron, her focus is on customer relations with an emphasis on communication to ensure clients are in the loop throughout their case journey. She is bilingual with English being her primary language, closely followed by Polish.


9:30 am - 10:00 am