VicForum 2019

About this event

Thank you to everyone who made VicForum 2019 a success! Here are some highlights from the day:


We are very excited to bring you VicForum 2019!

This edition of the forum, “Are You Talking to Me? The Power of Literacy” will be held in Melbourne on 19 March 2019. It once again is a platform to discuss the progress, ideas and perspectives in Victoria’s culturally and linguistically diverse space.

This one-day event is held annually during Victoria’s Cultural Diversity Week and is produced by Polaron Language Services in cooperation with partner organisations. 

The forum aims to improve the reach and performance of organisations and help them better engage with diverse communities.

At VicForum, we’ll talk about why literacy is important and how to navigate our new data-driven world. We explore the emergence of the digital, health and financial literacy gap and help you see literacy as your new second language.


8:30 am - 1:30 pm


Tower 1, Collins Square, 727 Collins St, Docklands

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