Polaron Live Q&A: The journey to Polish citizenship from a Jewish perspective

About this event

Whilst there are approximately 20 million people of Polish heritage around the world, no one really knows how many people have Polish Jewish roots. Their journey to Polish citizenship is a little different than for other people for a variety of reasons, including lack of documentation, variations in names and confusing information.

Those, whose ancestors went to Israel before 1951, are mostly not eligible for Polish citizenship through descent. Other people may be confused about their eligibility for Polish citizenship and whether it is their birth right. During this live discussion, we’ll attempt to answer many burning questions and dispel some of the myths surrounding Polish citizenship.

Why not join our live discussion this Friday 15 May at 10:00 AM EST, when we’ll get our resident expert, Tatum Spicer, to tell us all there is to know about the journey of Jewish people to Polish citizenship.

You will get first-hand information from our global citizenship team, including:

  • Is the journey to Polish citizenship for Jewish people different?
  • When did Jewish people first arrive in Poland? Where and how did they live? What did they do when Poland was re-established in 1918?
  • What was the Jewish population in Poland before and after World War II? Is there a revival of Jewish life in Poland now?
  • How do we help Jewish people with Polish heritage reclaim their Polish citizenship?


Melbourne, Australia – Friday 15 May 10:00 AM

New York, USA – Thursday 14 May 8:00 PM

London, UK – Thursday 15 May 1:00 AM


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10:00 am - 10:20 am