Polaron Live Q&A: Tracking your Polish roots through German archives

About this event

Researching your Polish origins and finding your ancestors can be a life-changing experience. Our citizenship experts in Poland, UK, US, Israel and Germany search through existing refugee records created by invading forces during the war, and consult by hand other archives available only on request. Some of the documents that we find are far from complete, but they help us in our detective work: pinpointing origins of displaced people, linking to relatives, hinting as to where they went next.

In this online discussion, our resident expert, Nadja Schmidt, will explain how sourcing archival documents and vital records from German archives and civil registry offices, can help you track your Polish roots to claim your Polish citizenship.


Melbourne, Australia – Wednesday 10 June 4:30 PM

London, UK – Wednesday 10 June 7:30 AM

New York, USA – Wednesday 10 June 2:30 AM


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4:30 pm - 5:00 pm