Polaron Live Q&A: How Poland’s history can help you in the pursuit of your Polish citizenship

About this event

It is estimated that over 25 million descendants of Polish migrants live around the world today: one of them could be your long lost Polish relative.

Whether you are looking into your family’s history as a hobby or trying to find records to reclaim your Polish citizenship, this Thursday 21 May at 10:00 AM EST, our resident expert Maggie Stepien will reveal the major milestones in Poland’s history and how they are connected to your genealogical research.

You will get first-hand information from our global citizenship team, including:

  • Poland’s history in the context of your Polish citizenship: major milestones from 966 to today.
  • What happens if your ancestors immigrated out of Poland before 1918.
  • Why research is necessary in some cases and where to find information about your ancestors.
  • Types of cases we work on.


Melbourne, Australia – Thursday 21 May 10:00 AM

New York, USA – Wednesday 20 May 8:00 PM

London, UK – Thursday 21 May 1:00 AM

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10:00 am - 10:30 am