Live Q&A: Scandals and Lies: Uncovering Your Polish Family’s Skeletons

About this event

Finding information and documents to serve as evidence of ancestral Polish citizenship is a massive challenge, because of the passage of time, wars and immigration. As we discover our clients’ ancestral paths, our researchers often come across traumatic events and dark secrets that we learn about between the lines of archival documentation, backs of photos and old letters.

Some of the documents that we find are far from complete, but they help us in our detective work: pinpointing origins of displaced people, linking to relatives, hinting as to where they went next.

Join us in this online discussion on Thursday 9th September and discover what you can find in your ancestral documents. Marta Daszkiewicz-Daniszewska, Polaron’s Business Unit Manager and experienced researcher, will join this conversation and will answer your questions about collecting information to help you reclaim your Polish citizenship.


Melbourne, Australia – Wednesday 9 September 4:00 PM AEST

New York, USA – Wednesday 9 September 2:00 AM

London, UK – Wednesday 9 September 7:00 AM


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4:00 pm - 4:30 pm