How to Disseminate Information to Multicultural Communities

About this event

We will be going LIVE with Hasara Liyanage, the Relationships and Growth coordinator at Polaron. Hasara will be talking about information dissemination strategies to connect with culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Hasara will discuss:

  • Tips to engage with CALD communities
  • How to connect with and learn about your audience
  • Best methods of information dissemination
  • How this benefits your organisation and local communities

To watch it LIVE, visit our YouTube channel at the time of the event:


Hasara Liyanage is the Relationships and Growth coordinator at Polaron. She studied a Masters of Marketing at RMIT University and has extensive digital and social media marketing experience. She has previously worked with not-for-profit and community organisations. Prior to her work in marketing, she completed a Bachelor of Science, with a major in Neuroscience. She believes the key to good marketing is empathy, creativity and hard work.


11:00 am - 11:30 am