FB Live: How to know if you qualify for Czech or Slovak citizenship

About this event

Join us for our next Facebook Live session, where we’ll get Jakub Smyčka, our Project Coordinator, to answer some commonly asked questions about the process of application for Czech and Slovak Citizenship.
  1. How does eligibility for Czech citizenship work?
  2. How do I know if I qualify for Slovak citizenship?
  3. How do I look for information about my ancestors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
  4. How do I get help in my application for Czech or Slovak citizenship?
You will have the chance to ask questions to Jakub during the live session!


Melbourne, AU – Wed 18 Nov @ 6:00 PM
New York, USA – Wed 18 Nov @ 2:00 AM
London, UK – Wed 18 Nov @ 7:00 AM


Join our live discussion with Jakub Smyčka on our Facebook page


6:00 pm - 6:30 pm