FREE training for interpreters and translators: Teach-back and interpreters

About this event

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Teach-back and interpreters, a free training session for interpreters and translators.

Guest speaker: Spase Veljanovski 

Teach-back is a technique for ensuring that patients understand what the clinician has told them. It involves asking patients to explain (“tell me”) or demonstrate (“show me”) what they have been told. Teach-back encourages shared meaning between patient and clinician. The teach-back technique can be more difficult to use when an interpreter is involved, however. Many interpreters never heard of or seen it in practice. This workshop, conducted by Spase Veljanovski from the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health will cover the principles of teach-back and where interpreters fit in in this model. He has recently developed a resource for clinicians on how to work with interpreters in the teach-back model.

With an interest in social justice, Spase has 20+ years’ experience concerned with how to improve marginalised communities’ access to, and engagement with, health, community and local government services. A systems thinker with excellent interpersonal skills and an effective communicator across a range of settings, Spase is an experienced workshop facilitator, who develops, delivers and evaluates training.

The free training session is part of the professional development offered by Polaron to improve the delivery of language services.

Afternoon tea included.

Getting there
Tram 3, 5, 16, 64, 67 | Bus 246

Parking (2 and 4 hours) available on St Kilda Road, Octavia Street and Charnwood Road.


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm