Arolsen Archives: Researching Your European Ancestors

About this event

Finding information about your ancestors can be a daunting task but the Arolsen Archives can make it that much easier. The Arolsen Archives, previously known as the International Tracing Service archive (ITS), help answer inquiries about victims of Nazi persecution and includes an extensive online database. Explore the archives with Eva Hussain, the director at Polaron, as she digs a bit deeper to help you find out more about your ancestors.

Eva will be discussing:

  • How to navigate the Arolsen Archives on your own
  • How to find information about your European ancestors in the Arolsen Archives to gain EU citizenship
  • What type of documents you can search and how to decipher information
  • Other avenues of research


Eva Hussain is a recognised leader in European citizenship. She regularly presents and lectures at conferences, universities and training institutions on the topics of cultural awareness and history. She is also a member of the Polish Australian Business Forum and has presented at events such as 60 million congress and Polish Tech Day. She is the founder of Polaron and plays an active role in the global development of the company. Some of her previous roles include management and operations of a telecommunication provider and administration of a local government’s aged care and disability department.

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10:00 am - 10:30 am