Apostilles and Certificates: Gaining Polish Citizenship

About this event

Anna Pniewski, a researcher at Polaron, will be joining us next week to discuss US apostilles and certificates needed for Polish citizenship. Ever been confused about which documents need an apostille or certificate? Or you don’t know where to even begin? Well, Anna is here to help!

Anna will be discussing:

  • What an apostille is and why it is important in the process of gaining Polish citizenship
  • The difference between certificates and apostilles,
  • Which documents people need to certify,
  • What are the steps to get an apostille or a certification in the US

To watch it LIVE, visit our Facebook page at the time of the event: https://bit.ly/3vovALO


Anna Pniewski is a Document and Research Specialist at Polaron European Citizenship Services. She has worked as an independent translator for many years translating Polish to English (and vice versa). She is also a budding entrepreneur with her own company, TransPolen. Anna has translated primarily for healthcare facilitators, advertising companies and law and governmental organisations.



10:00 am - 10:30 am